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Langston is a Hexacast who joins CrossCode as part of the currently-in-development CrossCode: BEE mod. He is no rookie however, as before the events of CrossCode he enjoyed himself under the Spheromancer class. However, after a life issue took him away from the game, on his return, he decided to create a new character, and see what the game had to offer after his break.

Appearance[ | ]

Langston's avatar is dark skinned, like his real body, with a tall stature, and hazel brown irises. He’s well built, with a head of black dreadlocks and semi broad shoulders. His cloak has hexagonal patterns outlined by a bright white , and underneath, his torso is a black skin tight vest with humming purple highlights, accompanied with dark purple pants, and silver boots. Like every hexacast, he also has a pair of hexagon shaped earpieces, which are visible, as Langston does not wear the hood that came with his cloak.

Personality[ | ]

Langston's personality is best highlighted by his last name. He often uses his smarts for mischievous little games, poking fun at all of his friends, the giant bully he is. Moreover, he can be quite petty, and can hold onto grudges easily, despite also being able to drop them at a moment’s notice. His bipolar nature can be overbearing, but he has a good heart, and when it comes down to it, he cares a lot about his friends, and will help any who find themselves in trouble... as long as they're not in the wrong.

Outside CrossWorlds[ | ]

Langston works for company as an Astronautical Engineer, where he and his team designs the blueprints for ships used for space travel. He makes enough to live comfortably in a home, but decides to stay in an apartment for easier maintenance, and to keep himself humble, avoiding the rich mind mentality. However, he does outfit his place with some gadgets and artistic pieces, his favorite being his desk setup, where he has 3 monitors and a high end CPU to fuel his gaming every so often, when he isn’t playing around with a DAW. With his instruments, he finds himself content with the lifestyle he lives. He’s not afraid to answer questions about his social life or his present, but there are some things that he’d rather keep unsaid, which remains in his past.

Trivia[ | ]

  • While creating Langston, his original look was supposed to be post-apocalyptic with metal rings attached to the collar. This was scrapped early on.
  • Early concepts of Langston include a much bigger, broader physique with a low cut hairstyle. He was altered to not copy the body type of Joern.
  • During his first play-through, Langston's Spheromancer was decorated like a superhero he saw in a movie before.
  • Langston has assembled a group during his time playing. His longtime Quadroguard friend Leon, a Pentafist with a bandanna and hair covering his face, and a Triblader with a mask and hood who communicates in small body movements and emoticons (Much like Zer0 from Borderlands 2). They have fought alongside each other when a rival group challenged them to a 4v4 duel. (This will not appear in the mod, rather it's from a small comic the creator helped make.)
  • Langston's favorite place in the game is Basin Keep, due to its musical score, and scenery that reminds Lang of home.
  • Langston's favorite element is Wave, not due to its association to Hexacasts, but rather its innate healing potential for his allies.
  • Sometimes Langston will find himself in Autumn's Rise, where he guides new players willing to learn how the game operates. He enjoys this very much, considering this repent for previous actions.
  • Often times Langston will reflect on his being while alone. As a big stickler for mental health, he takes precautions to mitigate stress and support his own growth.
  • Despite his username being Kazeto Nangoku, no one has referred to him as such, either calling him Lang or Smug.
  • Outside of the game, Langston's apartment is in a high-rise building in the downtown area of his city. He has taken a deal of nightly trips to the rooftop to admire the lights over the horizon.
  • Langston can drive, but uses public transportation as his main source of commute.

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