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The Laser of Doom is an enemy that is not officially incorporated into CrossWorlds. They can be encountered in the Vermillion Wasteland, keeping the Evotars of the Evotarground in line.

Appearance[ | ]

Lasers of Doom are large, black tower-like structures that sit on the roof of the Evotarground's important buildings. They're covered in black lines and have four tuning forks, each in a cardinal direction.

Combat[ | ]

When a Security Brute detects or is attacked by the player or an evotar, the Laser of Doom will open its tuning forks and begin charging, pink energy will flow through the lines and gather at the laser's cannon. Once five seconds pass and it's fully charged, it fires a massive blue beam of energy, smiting its victim and dealing massive damage to them for four seconds. Once it stops firing, it will go on a three second cooldown before it can fire again.

During the Vermillion Raid, its behaviour changes slightly. It is permanently active and becomes able to fire multiple strikes in a wide area instead of just a continous beam. The player can guide the continous beam into special shields scattered around the area and locked evotars, which will absorb the entire attack and, in the evotar's case, will prepare them for the server crash.

Strategies[ | ]

Lasers of Doom are located in parts of the Evotarground that are normally unreachable. Even if somehow reached, they are completely invulnerable to all forms of damage. Their sole form of attack will quickly kill you unless you can flee the region they're located in fast enough.

In the Vermillion Raid, always stay close to the shields and locked evotars to prevent the Lasers of Doom from killing you or your allies. The multiple strikes cannot be blocked by shields, however, they are telegraphed by various circles on the floor, so quickly get away from them before the lasers strike.

Locations[ | ]

Vermillion Wasteland[ | ]

  • East Town (x1)
  • West Town (x1)
  • Vermillion Tower (x1)

Gallery[ | ]