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The Last Minute Heroes are a guild in CrossWorlds.

In-Game[ | ]

The Last Minute Heroes are a large guild with a base in the northern area of Autumn's Rise - Autumn Residences.

The stated goal of this guild is to arrive at the last minute and save the day, assisting players in trouble . They achieve this through the Last Minute Rescue System, consisting of members stationed all over CrossWorlds watching for players in trouble and coordinating their assistance through an advanced communication system. Their help is generally appreciated, although there is some controversy from players who enjoy the challenge of CrossWorlds and therefore consider their assistance to be unwelcome. Due to the guild's focus on arriving at the last minute, being early is largely seen as blasphemous among the members.

The leader of the guild is Wervyn, a Triblader and creator of CrossWorlds guides, who is assisted by the Hexacast PuellaDocta. The end-game quest Last Minute Help Needed involves Lea working with them to save players in Sapphire Ridge

Apollo was a member of the guild while playing one of his previous characters. He left them as he struggled with the timing of his rescues, often arriving too late to help the other players.

Real Life[ | ]

The Last Minute Heroes was an initiative towards the end of CrossCode's Indiegogo campaign, created in order to reach the game's funding goal. People who pledged at this limited-time tier would have their names listed as members of the Last Minute Heroes in the game, and would be entered into a raffle for Fan Cameos. A number of cameos of the raffle winners, including both avatars and statues, can be found around the guildhouse, and the lists of members can also be read here.