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Lea is the main protagonist of CrossCode and a player of CrossWorlds. She has lost her memory prior to the beginning of CrossCode, and she was entered into CrossWorlds in an attempt to recover it. A problem with her avatar's speech synchronization has caused her to be effectively mute. To work around this, Sergey hard-codes her avatar with the ability to say certain words (currently "Hi", "Lea", "Bye", "Why", "How", "Wait", "Meet", "Sorry," "Thanks," "What," "Where," and "Who"). Lea's class in CrossWorlds is Spheromancer, a highly-customizable class primarily adaptable to Ball combat.


Lea is a girl who lost her memory due to unknown reasons. As if that wasn't enough, she also lost the ability to speak thanks to a malfunction in her avatar's speech module. Determined to find out more about herself she agreed to play CrossWorlds.

-Encyclopedia people entry


Lea's avatar is a short (156 cm[1]), pale-skinned girl with red hazel eyes. Her hair is bright blue, and is tied back in a waist-length ponytail, with cheek-length side locks and pointed bangs covering her forehead. She has a prominent scar across her nose. She wears an unusual headpiece consisting of a metal headband connected to ear covers and two prominent horns. Her standard clothing consists of a long white sleeveless jacket with grey trim and metal shoulder guards over a red shirt and short gray shorts. She also wears red armbands and thigh-high stockings, vambraces and white shoes.

Her avatar was at least partially designed by Sergey. In particular, he is heavily implied to have added the horns, which Lea is not overly fond of. However, the fact that the Blue Avatar recognizes her provides evidence that her current avatar is influenced by the avatar she used when first playing CrossWorlds.


Lea is an enthusiastic and skilled fighter, jumping into combat and proving herself to be very quick to recall the basics of playing CrossWorlds. She is a very expressive person, which helps her overcome the communication difficulties associated with her muteness. Given her amnesia, and subsequent lack of knowledge about both CrossWorlds and her past, she is frequently out of her element and confused by her surroundings, but she is quick to take action and seek answers to her questions. She frequently gets annoyed by the aspects of her situation over which she has no control, such as her muteness and her avatar's appearance.


Sergey entered Lea into CrossWorlds, and is responsible for the technical details of setting up her avatar, including working around her malfunctioned speech synchronization. He continues to be one of Lea's mentors, and her primary source of information about CrossWorlds.

Carla quickly befriended Lea after meeting her, and serves as one of her mentors, encouraging her and providing her with advice, as well as constructing an obstacle course to instruct Lea on basic combat and puzzle-solving skills.

Captain Jet provides Lea with some advanced combat training. He is slow to warm up to her, due to how her presence disrupts the ship's operations and invites danger, but after judging her combat abilities he takes her under his wing and is fiercely defensive of her when the Blue Avatar arrives.

Lea and the Blue Avatar have a shared history that has yet to be elaborated on in the game. Before recognizing her, he treats her as an anomaly in need of fixing, almost below notice. After he recognizes her, his attitude towards her does not improve, as he forces her to prove her identity and then attempts to kidnap her. Their past relationship was likely an antagonistic one.

Lea is Shizuka's evotar, sharing very similar appearances, including identical facial scars, and both play as the very uncommon Spheromancer class. Lea is initally hated by Shizuka since she is related to the evotar research, main source of Shizuka's problems. Eventually they both reconcile in order to defeat Sidwell.


Lea was the first evotar Satoshi created in collaboration with Shizuka and Mr. Sidwell.

Little else is known about Lea's history due to her amnesia. This is not her first time playing CrossWorlds, which is why playing again may be able to help her amnesia. In addition, the Blue Avatar recognizes her, although the extent of their shared history is unknown.

Role in CrossCode[]

Lea is the protagonist of CrossCode, and the story follows her attempts to regain her memory. The main story begins when her avatar is initialized in the M.S. Solar. She completes Carla's training course and Jet's advanced combat training, while meeting the crew members and learning more about CrossWorlds and her situation. When the Blue Avatar attacks the ship, Lea is forced to flee and is sent to Rhombus Square to begin playing CrossWorlds.

Puzzle and Exploration mode, although not heavily plot-based, show Lea's continued exploration and experiencing of CrossWorlds.