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The Legionary Leader v1 is a mechanical enemy in CrossWorlds. One can be encountered in Ba'kii Kum during the Shady Theft quest.

Legionary Leader v1

An improved variant of the more basic Rhombus Enforcer 2.0, used by the law-enforcement of Ba'kii Kum. It is usually accompanied by a squad of Legionary Turret v2 that it will shield while acting defensively. When forced to alone it will switch into a more aggressive mode.

-Monster Fibula report

Appearance[ | ]

The Legionary Leader v1 resembles a badly-damaged Rhombus Enforcer 2.0. It is a large floating robot with a cone-shaped body. Its head is a second cone with a swept-back, stylized tip and two small horns. Its body is surrounded by a large floating ring. It is colored primarily a weathered tan, with substantial blue and grey highlights as well as scars and rust marks.

Combat[ | ]

The Legionary Leader v1 begins combat controlling a large number of Legionary Turret v1s. It will follow Lea closely, blocking her but otherwise not attacking. A Break meter builds up as Lea damages it, and when it breaks, the shields on the Legionary Turrets will deactivate, leaving them open to attack. While the shields are down, the Leader will flash blue and run from Lea, and eventually raise the shields again. The Legionary Leader is resistant to all damage while the Turrets are still alive.

If all Legionary Turret v1s are killed before the Legionary Leader v1, it will go into attack mode. It loses its damage resistance and begins to behave identically to a Rhombus Enforcer 2.0, following Lea closely and using both a dash attack and a triple dash with a long charge period.

Strategies[ | ]

Due to the damage resistance, it is typically best to kill the turrets first and leave the leader for last. Be wary of the hard-hitting mortars from the turrets while breaking the leader. If you're having trouble, you can lure it into the shelter of a solar panel while you do this. It is difficult to hit while the shields are down and it is fleeing, but you'll probably want to concentrate on the turrets at this time anyway. Once the turrets are defeated, the fight becomes easy, as both attacks are easily dodged, guarded or cancelled.

Locations[ | ]

Ba'kii Kum
Ba'kii Kum Solar Farm x1 (during Shady Theft quest

Gallery[ | ]

Trivia[ | ]

  • The Legionary Leader v1 was added with the Shady Theft quest in version 0.9.0.