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Lily is a CrossWorlds player of the Hexacast class. She and Priel give the quest Lost and On the Run to find Reize.

Appearance[ | ]

Lily is a light-skinned woman with blonde hair cut shoulder-length. She has purple eyes and a blue gemstone on her forehead. She wears a white robe with two purple, gem-like shoulder pads, a cape that is brown and purple outside and blue on the inside, a hexagonal purple gem on her chest, a blue ribbon around her neck, and two purple hexagonal ear covers with butterfly wings on their top corners.

Duel[ | ]

After completion of Lost and On the Run, Lily can be fought in the Rhombus Square Arena in the PvP vs Lily duel.


A hexacast player from a new guild called the Star Chasers. She is quite curious of her new surroundings (and her new leader after their previous one was permabanned). While her sweet demeanor is disarming, she fights with the grace of a breeze and as fierce as the tempest!

-Monster Fibula report

Combat[ | ]

Since Lily isn't a spheromancer like Apollo and Shizuka, she has a completely new arsenal of Combat Arts along with her non-charged Balls having slight homing capabilities and a hexagonal shape. She doesn't use Heat or Neutral in the entire duel and gets tired and vulnerable after completing her attack cycle, after which she switches her element. The rounds described here depend purely on how many times the player has defeated her, for example, round 3 occurs after the player defeated her three times, regardless of her own victories. It is important to note that none of her Combat Arts have names, so the names given here were invented just for simplicity's sake.

Round 1

Attacks normally by throwing Balls and occasionally using a Level 1 Combat Art. After attacking enough, she uses a Level 2 Art.

  • Bubbles (Lvl 1 Wave): Shoots bubbles in an arc. If one of them hits the player, it will trap them and slow down their movement speed temporarily.
  • Explosion (Lvl 2 Wave): Spins rapidly while attempting to suck the player in, then causes an explosion around herself.
  • Ice Wall (Lvl 1 Cold): Summons icicles in an arc in front of her. Works the same as Brisk Barrier.
  • Blizzard (Lvl 2 Cold): Shoots a constant stream of ice while chasing the player, doing massive damage and causing Chill.
  • Lightning Strike (Lvl 1 Shock): Shoots a circle that chases the player and causes a lightning bolt to fall on its position.
  • Electro Ball (Lvl 2 Shock): Generates a big ball of electricity that chases the player and moves a small distance four times, shooting itself towards the player and exploding on the fifth move, hitting multiple times. She continues throwing Balls while the Combat Art is active.

Round 2 and 3

She uses the Round 1 pattern, then swaps element and attacks normally until she decides to use a Level 3 Combat Art:

  • Hurricane (Lvl 3 Wave): Spins, then summons a homing hurricane capable of trapping the player and hitting them multiple times. She continues throwing Balls while the Combat Art is active.
  • Snowflake Flurry (Lvl 3 Cold): Spins and moves slowly towards the player while summoning and throwing massive snowflakes. She starts by summoning three and throwing them consecutively, continues with four thrown in pairs, and ends with six thrown in pairs. After running out of snowflakes, she calls them back, with their route telegraphed by dotted lines.
  • Storm Chaser (Lvl 3 Shock): Shoots an electric projectile that dashes into the player and leaves a line that turns into a quickly disappearing electric current, five times. It is pretty similar to Storm Walker.

Round 4

From this point on her strategies get more complicated. She attacks normally until she uses a new Level 3 Art that attacks passively:

  • Time Bomb (Lvl 3 Wave): She chases the player and covers herself with a massive Wave aura that compresses and explodes three times. She will also get a black cosmetic aura and use Cold melee attacks if the player is close enough.
  • Tesla Coil (Lvl 3 Shock): Surrounds herself with a Shock shield that constantly shoots straight lightning bolts in the player's direction, telegraphed by dotted lines. It shoots once three times, then twice two times, and finally thrice two times. While the Art is active, Lily throws Balls on Wave mode and might also use Explosion if she gets close enough to the player.

After the Combat Art's effect finishes, she keeps the element she switched to and uses a Level 3 Art from previous rounds. Since she has no passive-attacking Cold art, she never starts a cycle with it.

Round 5

She attacks normally, then uses one of the Level 3 Arts from the previous round and combines it with the Level 2 Art from the element she used to attack normally during the Level 3 Art. She follows up by throwing Balls with Cold if she used Tesla Coil and Wave if she used the Time Bomb, and ends with the corresponding Level 3 Art from the earlier rounds.

Strategies[ | ]

  • She won't be tricked by Warp Decoy -icon Warp Decoys. Her non-charged Balls will, though.
  • She can be struck whenever she uses a Combat Art, but even then, waiting until she tires out is safer.
  • Try running around in circles to dodge her Balls.
  • Since she stays in place while using Snowflake Flurry, you can counterattack with Flare Burn!-icon Flare Burn! to fly over the snowflakes and deal massive damage, even taking her out in a single attack.

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