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Seeker Names[ | ]

Shrekt, Fitz, Groot, Joe Mama, WorldWideWeeb, Rektangle, Chuck Nourish

Characters[ | ]

Holiday Man is a reference to Saitama from the manga One Punch Man, and bears a striking resemblance to him.

[1]: In the basement of the Seeker Hub In Bergen Village, the player can talk with a bag. This is a character of another game, Secrets of Grindea, who there served as guide and a storage artifact.

The Old Man, who can be found in Basin Keep and Sapphire Ridge, is a reference to Simon, the main protagonist of the 2007 anime Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. He resembles Simon in the show's epilogue, only with darker hair.

At the lake outside Grand Krys'kajo, following the lily pads towards the southeast you find a cheerful girl named Zoe with achromatic eyes and very long hair that darkens at the ends who talks about the stars and moon like friends she goes to visit.

Items/Consumables[ | ]

DkPepper ItemIcon Dk PepperDk Pepper: "A mad scientist's ambrosia."

A reference to the protagonist of Steins;Gate, Rintarō Okabe, whose favorite drink is Dr Pepper.

Star FruitStar Fruit: "Star-shaped fruit. Its origin dates back to a small island in the ocean."

This is a reference to Kingdom Hearts 1, where the main characters live on an island that grows star-shaped fruit.

SaltyIceCream FoodIcon Salty Ice CreamSalty Ice Cream: "Best enjoyed at sunset on top of a clocktower."

This references the scene in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days where the three main characters eat Sea Salt Ice Cream on top of a clocktower.

Trade-gold Masterball "Heroes once used this device to capture legendary fiends."

This is a reference to classic Monster Catching RPG Game titled Pokémon, and Master Ball is a type of ball that can be used to catch a Pokémon

Items/ Common drops[ | ]

Power SpinachPower Spinach: "A vegetable of mythical power. Greatly increases the flexibility of fellow plants."

This could be a reference to an old cartoon character, Popeye, who ate canned spinach to be suddenly stronger.

Weapon Names[ | ]

LV50Golden RevolverGolden Revolver: "Something is engraved here: "It's [current time]". Whatever that means."

Might be a reference to the phrase "It's high noon" said by the character Cassidy from Overwatch.

LV30Giga Spiral DrillGiga Spiral Drill: "Said to be able to pierce through the heavens themselves."

This is a reference to Simon's drill from the anime Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann.

NPC Dialogue[ | ]

In Basin Keep Two NPCs have a conversation;

Hey dude, Look at my balls!

When are you going to stop with the unfunny jokes.

In the Seeker Hub of Ba'Kii Kum, there's a NPC with an afro haircut painting and saying "Remember everyone..." "There are no mistakes, just happy little accidents." This is a direct reference to the painter Bob Ross .

After gaining access to Sapphire Ridge and speaking to your guild, speak to Buggy first via Direct Link and then in person for 3 Golden BarsGolden Bars.

Attempting to contact Apollo via Direct Link while he is already in your party will result in his shouting "Hold it!!" and pointing accusatorially, in the style of Ace Attorney protagonists - one of whom is his character name inspiration, Apollo Justice.

During the quest "Last Minute Help Needed," the questgiver will cite a newly released game as being the reason for their quest. Having Emilie in the party during this conversation will trigger a bit of additional dialogue.

Enemies & Bosses[ | ]

Enemy Name Reference
Huge Hostile Crab Giant Enemy Crab and its highly vulnerable weakpoint from Sony's 2006 E3 presentation.
Blue Hedgehag Sonic the Hedgehog. Its drops, Chili DogChili Dog and Golden RingGolden Ring, are Sonic's favourite food and the "coins" from his game, respectively.
Pengpeng Its Monster Fibula entry states: "A penguin on a mountain. How it made its way up here shall be forever unknown to mankind." Likely a reference to the 2007 documentary Encounters at the End of the World, made famous by a clip uploaded to Youtube entitled Penguin, Depressed....
Shokat Schrödinger's Cat or Pikachu.
Picat Definitely Pikachu.
Sephisloth Sephiroth from Final Fantasy VII.
Hillcart Doc and his time machine from Back to the Future.
Lily She's from the game Star Chaser Story, which has yet to be released.
Son of the Beach His Monster Fibula entry states: "Though at first glance this lanky primate might lack in style and grace...", which is the same as the description given to Lanky Kong in the DK Rap from Donkey Kong 64.

Trophies[ | ]

I'm also good at Plumbing, obtained by jumping a total of 1,000 times. The name, image, and requirements refer to the character Mario, whose original alias was Jumpman and whose canon profession is plumbing.

Culinary Connoisseur, obtained by using "100% of all Consumables," does not have completely accurate requirements; Final DinnerFinal Dinner does not count towards this trophy. A stroke of mercy for some, considering the tedious nature of acquiring more dinners beyond the first.

Music[ | ]

In the lower Pond Slums of Basin Keep, if the player turns down the music they can hear the Pepsiman theme. A video can be found here:

Locations[ | ]

In Vermillion Dungeon, in the room where Sergey tells you to ignore the puzzle and move on, solve the puzzle. Sergey makes no comment on the newly unlocked door or your entering it, whereupon you find a room with several Radical Fish game developers. This requires New Game Plus since you need Shock to solve the puzzle, which you wouldn't normally have at this point in the game.

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