CrossCode Wiki

CrossCode takes place in a game called CrossWorlds, a fictional online game of the distant future. CrossWorlds is a highly unusual game in that it takes place in locations on a real moon in real space. This page lists the exact locations that can be visited in-game.

Cities[ | ]

Cities act as hubs for each area in the game, and are where the majority of shops, traders and quests can be found.

Exploration Areas[ | ]

These areas consist mainly of optional content, but must be traversed through. They are typically large, spread-out areas containing many respawning enemies and botanics, as well as treasures hidden behind puzzles and complex jumping paths. Some of the exploration areas that do not have associated cities may contain a hub region serving the same purpose.

Dungeons[ | ]

Dungeons are typically complex areas containing many puzzles and mandatory fights, including a final boss, that must be progressed through to continue the story.

Plot Locations[ | ]

These are typically small, plot-relevant locations that do not fit into the other categories.

Other[ | ]

A few areas that are not canonically part of the CrossCode story are considered part of the Meta location. There is also a location called Testing Grounds, which consists entirely of Unused maps.