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Chaosio is a lonely Spheromancer that spends a fair amount of time in CrossWorlds. He was playing the game since it was on Beta, since he was a kid. He likes to explore the map, and chill in most isolated places in general, but also never says no to Combat, PvPs and exploiting the game. He never met any of the characters in CrossCode, or Original Characters. He doesn't even get along with a party, since he as no social skills, and suffers from Bipolar Disorder. You can usually find him at the entrance of Grand Krys'kajo and north of Sapphire Ridge.

Appearance[ | ]

Ii the game, he did his best not to look like a class. Since character creation was even more free around Beta, Lucas gave Chaosio Black boots, long black jeans, an orange jumper, blue long lab coat with the stars designed on it, and black scarf. He sometimes wear a Santa hat, earned from the Holiday Man quest. He's actually tall, and in shape. He has almost white eyes that could trick people into being dead, orange glasses, and freckles on his face. He also has a Pink-tan messy hair with Cyan outlines, and an enormour ahoge hanging in front of his face.

Personality[ | ]

Lucas is absolutely a Lunatic person, suffering from a Bipolar Disorder. This causes him to ruin his friendships in a short span of time unintentionally, which hurts him more than his friend. He prefers to remain alone, and look unappealing for a friendship. Under his cold, dead attidute, lies a cheerful, positive and energetic person, around people he considers a friend. He doesn't likes to rush, and that means he's not a multitasker. He shows no mercy when it comes to combat, and literally becomes a villain, refusing to give his enemies rest.

Outside CrossWorlds[ | ]

Outside CrossWorlds, Lucas lives with a rather rich family, and is attending a university, which is why he doesn't log in like he used to. Her parents are very strict when it comes to studying, and his uni friends are now interested with Lucas' situation. He uses CrossWorlds to get a short breather, from his parents, and the stress of life.

Trivia[ | ]

  • Lucas is actually a small reference to Touhou, with his Combat Style being restless, and his Lunacy.