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The Magmanizer is a mechanical enemy in CrossWorlds. It can be found in the Faj'ro Temple.


Brought to life by fire and old magic this golem bursts flames out of every part of its body. Getting too close means catching on fire so stay away and use ranged attacks to stun it with cold balls. But be aware that it will react much like a bubble and burst into hot steam so don't charge in immediately. Blocking also comes in handy when it's using its fire shots.

-Monster Fibula report

Appearance[ | ]

The Magmanizer is a living flame using an armor. Its mechanical parts are two brown legs with two fingers each, huge black clawed hands and a chestplate with a dome that protects its face. Its waist and arms are exposed and its head is a flame with a dotted smile.

Combat[ | ]

The Magmanizer only has two attacks which it will use in an alternating pattern: a cone flamethrower that deals moderate damage and can set targets on fire, and a spinning dash towards a single target, ending in an additional explosion dealing massive damage and knockback.

During an encounter it has a high defense and is surrounded by a ring of fire which deals damage, shoots fireballs whenever the Magmanizer is hit and destroys nearby bubbles. This shield can be broken by Cold attacks and will regenerate after a few seconds or after the Magmanizer falls into lava. If this enemy is hit by a frozen bubble after its shield is destroyed, it will break and reduce its defense by a lot.

Strategies[ | ]

The Magmanizer is a very dangerous encounter since all of its attacks have a very long range and home in on their target. Its shield is best broken with attacks that hit often in a short period, e.g. Hail Flurry.

When dodging his spindash one must note that it can outrange a full triple-dodge if dodged in a straight line. In order to effectively avoid this attack one must sidestep it or lead the Magmanizer into a wall.

You can additionally quickly swap to Heat to negate most damage via same-element resistance.

Locations[ | ]

Faj'ro Temple
  • Large Fire Chamber (x1)
  • Test of Strength (x1)
  • Test of Wisdom (x1)

Gallery[ | ]