CrossCode Wiki

The map files are json files, used to store the data of the world in different files. They can be accessed by the game using foldername.filename without the extension. The root folder for maps is "data/maps/".

The content of the files:

  • name: Same as the name used to access it
  • levels:
    • height: Height of the level
  • mapWidth: 1 equals 1 Tile(16x16 pixel)
  • mapHeight 1 equals 1 Tile(16x16 pixel)
  • masterLevel: Index of the ground level
  • entities:
    • type: Type of the entity
    • x: Location in pixel
    • y: Location in pixel
    • level: Index of level
    • settings: Array containing typespecific data
  • layer:
    • id: Unique id
    • type: "Background" or "Collision"
    • name: Name of the layer
    • level: Which level the layer describes
    • width: Tiles
    • height: Tiles
    • visible: Boolean
    • tilesetName: Path to tileset image
    • repeat: Boolean
    • distance: Unknown, default: 1
    • tilesize: Default: 16
    • data: Array of Array containing tileindexes (data[y][x])
  • attributes:
    • saveMode: Player allowed to save
    • bgm: Background-music
    • cameraInBounds: Boolean
    • mapStyle: Unknown, Default: ""
    • weather: Default: "NONE"
  • screen:
    • x: Unknown, float
    • y: Unknown, float