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The Meister Karotto is a Boss in Crosscode. The Boss is related to the quest Gifting for Fun!, which is locked with a Bonus Code. It can be found in the Holiday Man Cave in Bergen Village.

Appearance[ | ]

The Meister Karotto is a snowman with a Christmas hat, sunglasses and a carrot for a nose. When it's aggro'd, the Meister Karotto gains arms, made out of either metal or ice, that will hold a cannon made out of snow. It will also gain two little stumps that serve as its legs. It's very similar to the standard Karotto.

Combat[ | ]

The Meister Karotto shares the same basic attacks as the Karotto; shooting an array of three snowballs at Lea and trying to jump on her for a huge amount of damage when she comes too close. It can also charge its cannon and shoot a large volley of snowballs, thought it charges up a lot faster than a normal Karotto. It resists ranged attacks, and will frequently dodge out of the way if Lea tries shooting at it. In the first of its two stages, the Meister Karotto occasionally jumps on the ground and stops moving whilst trying to make large snowballs fall on Lea. While the snowballs fall, the Meister Karotto flashes bright red, and damage dealt to it will build up, stunning and weakening it if sufficient damage is reached.

In its second stage, the Meister Karotto will be unable to move for a much shorter period of time while the snowballs fall, although the damage buildup period will still continue until the snowballs stop. It also gains a new attack, in which it jumps and creates three barriers of icicles that come out from under it and slightly home at Lea. Its shooting snowballs and jump attacks are Cold-elemental, but the falling snowballs and ice spikes are not.

Strategies[ | ]

Using the heat element is highly recommended for beating this boss, since it's vulnerable to it and none of its attacks actually deal cold damage. Due to its jump attacks, as well as the difficulty dodging at close range, melee attacks are less than helpful, except for brief hit-and-run attacks with combat arts. The best way to damage it is to break it by hitting it when the large snowballs are falling. Burn! is extremely effective for this purpose, as it can break the boss in a single attack if all the flames hit. It may be necessary to take some damage in order to deal enough damage fast enough to trigger the stun.

Dodging is effective in avoiding most of the snowman's attacks, except when the icicle barriers are up, in which case shielding might be necessary. Hitting it with ranged attacks may be counterproductive, as although it is possible to slowly whittle down its health like this, it is resistant to the damage, and it seems to use the falling snowball attack less when it is being attacked.

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Trivia[ | ]

  • The Meister Karotto is a really high level enemy for it's location, being a higher level than even the final boss in the Temple Mine
  • The Meister Karotto was added in the v0.4.1 holiday update. As of v0.5.0, it is only accessible by Bonus Code.