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Melee attack is one of the four basic Combat actions, along with Balls, Guarding, and Dashing. It is properly called VPI (Virtual Proximity Impact), and Avatars of CrossWorlds use it in close-quarters combat.

VPI Combo[ | ]

Lea holds a pose for a second after each melee attack. Melee attacking while still in this pose continues a chain up to 4 consecutive attacks. For the 4th attack Lea steps forward with a one and half turn spin attack hitting twice for around +25% each, but cannot move or launch more attacks until its pose concludes. All these attacks damage all valid targets in range and deal more damage per hit than regular balls, resulting in much higher DPS for the risk of enemy retaliation in close proximity. VPIs are affected by elements just like VRPs.

VPIs in Puzzles[ | ]

Melee fulfills several of the same functions in puzzles as balls, but is usually insufficient due to short range and lack of ricochet.

Combat Arts[ | ]

Melee Combat Arts are executed by simply charging up and releasing, no other inputs required, but Lea will use them if she is running.

Melee Arts
Level Neutral Heat Cold Shock Wave
Spin-dance-icon Spin Dance
Sphere-saw-icon Sphere Saw
Fire-whirl-icon Fire Whirl
Flame-jab-icon Flame Jab
Ice Twirl-icon Ice Twirl
Frozen Star-icon Frozen Star
Tesla Twist -icon Tesla Twist
Plasma Spike -icon Plasma Spike
Ki Thrust-icon Ki Thrust
Spiral Dance-icon Spiral Dance
Sphere Storm-icon Sphere Storm
Calamity Trigger-icon Calamity Trigger
Blazing Dragon-icon Blazing Dragon
Ice Tornado-icon Ice Tornado
Blizzard Hawk -icon Blizzard Hawk
Tesla Waltz -icon Tesla Waltz
Battery Assault -icon Battery Assault
Spirit Blast-icon Spirit Blast
Ragnarök-icon Ragnarök
Vermillion-echo-icon Vermillion Echo
Polar-pirouette-icon Polar Pirouette
Eternal-winter-icon Eternal Winter
Song-of-storms-icon Song of Storms

Gallery[ | ]