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Meta is an area in CrossCode that encompasses any areas that do not exist within the canon of the game.

Space[ | ]


Space, or Meta-Space, is a room reached at the very end of the game independent of whatever ending you get. This room gives players the chance to make a completed-game save file, to be used in New Game Plus. There are also two options to progress from here. Going left resets the game to the start of Chapter 10, allowing you to continue completing optional content and also allowing you to get a different ending. When the game is reset like this, options to skip the Vermillion Raid, Vermillion Tower and the final boss are given, to allow the player to return to Meta-Space more easily. Going right allows Lea to progress the story past the ending, leading into A New Home. This can only be done if the good ending is achieved and Meta-Space is blue. If the bad ending was obtained, Meta-Space will be red and the right path will be blocked until the good ending is achieved.

Developer Room[ | ]


The Developer Room is a secret location that can be reached by playing the Vermillion Dungeon with the Shock element, and completing the impossible puzzle there. Normally Shock is obtained much later in the game, so this can only be done in New Game Plus with the Keep Elements option, or by using an Early Access save. Here, Lea can talk to many of the Radical Fish Games members who worked on the game.