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Mirabelle is a Hexacast who joins the First Scholars after the events of CrossCode as part of the currently-in-development CrossCode: BEE mod. She actually starts playing CrossWorlds well before Lea first appears, and got into playing the game thanks to one of her friends. Said friend became an active CrossWorlds player, and Mirabelle looks up to him as a role model in being helpful to others. Unfortunately, an unforeseen real-world incident results in Mirabelle's friend passing away, causing her to take a hiatus on CrossWorlds until after the plot of CrossCode unfolds. She now resolves to do her friend proud and carry on his mission of helping others out in every way possible.

Appearance[ | ]

In-game, Mirabelle has vibrant pink hair, sticking out of her hexagonal hoodie in two frontal bunches clamped by hexagonal hairbands. She has pale skin and amethyst eyes. Her hoodie is joined to a cloak with patterns reminiscent of C'tron's robe, which cover an outfit with black torso and gloves, purple and slightly loose sleeves, a hexagonal belt, and a purple skirt. She wears black knee-length boots with angled, purple rims. Like any other Hexacast, Mirabelle has hexagonal side headgear - it is simply hidden by her large hoodie.

Personality[ | ]

Mirabelle has a phlegmatic and tranquil temperament. She is level-headed and likes to take things at a comfortable pace, and is quite perceptive when not focused on a different task. However, she deeply cares about the endeavors she starts and promises she makes - she will commit to seeing the deed be completed, although this makes her prone to overcommitting at times. She is also not the best multitasker.

Outside CrossWorlds[ | ]

Mirabelle currently attends a university in a fairly well-off neighborhood. She is fairly studious, but easily gets distracted by passion projects like journal writing, reading, or having a meaningful CrossWorlds experience. She views the game as a refreshing bout of escapism from the pressure and demands her parents current place on her.

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