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Monika is an admin of CrossWorlds, and a skilled yet gentle Triblader. She has played CrossWorlds long before the events of CrossCode unfold. Her application to becoming an Admin for the CrossWorlds staff was successful, yet she still enjoys the game to its fullest extent as a player, too. She is always ready for a chat or a hug, being quite a caring and helpful person. She meets with Sergey Asimov and Lea soon after the events of CrossCode, in the currently under development MonMod.

Appearance[ | ]

Monica is a well endowed female Triblader, donning thick heavy armour and tabard skirt. Her eyes match her armours highlights in striking green along with long coral brown hair as well as a large bow attached. Furthermore, she has horns and a headpiece similar to Buggy's. Often times she is seen with her sword, Roukanken, given to her by a now deceased friend. Similarly, she was given a small necklace by another.

Rarely, Monica can be seen with her famous ban hammer, for carrying out her lethal administrator duties.

Gallery[ | ]