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The planet Shadoon is populated by a wide range of colorful and interesting characters. They give advice and information to the Seekers who arrive to follow the Track of the Ancients. They man shops and trading booths, reward players for assistance and generally make the world a more lively and interesting place. They are CrossWorlds NPCs.

Like Avatars and Monsters, the NPCs of CrossWorlds are made of Instant Matter. They are controlled by a simple AI that allows for limited interactions with players. Many players remark that the responses of the NPCs are not very varied, and several sidequests show them interpreting Lea as saying something relevant to the quest, despite her inability to do so. Despite this, to the casual observer the NPCs appear to be real life humans.

Advisor NPCs[ | ]


Unlike the majority of NPCs, who represent villagers and inhabitants of Shadoon, the Advisor NPCs are connected to Operation Trackwalker. They appear mainly in Newcomer's Bridge and Quest Hubs, and generally give Seekers information and quests related to their progression through the Track of the Ancients.

Notable NPCs[ | ]

Leaders[ | ]

Trackwalker General Trackwalker General
The head of Operation Trackwalker. Appears as a hologram during the mandatory introduction in Rookie Harbor, and gives Seekers details on Operation Trackwalker and their role in exploring the Track of the Ancients.
Mayor of Bergen Mayor of Bergen
The mayor of Bergen Village meets with all new Seekers who visit the village, to fill them in on the history of the Temple Mine and ask for their assistance in retrieving lost equipment from the mine in the optional Temple Mine quest.
Eldress Eldress
The Eldress is the leader of the Shad village of Ba'kii Kum. She entreats visiting Seekers to assist in defending the sacred Maroon Tree from sandworms, in exchange offering access to the Faj'ro Temple. The quest involved, Defender of the Maroon Tree, is currently not implemented.

Faction Representatives[ | ]

Forerunner Elenya Volkewsky Forerunner Elenya Volkewsky
The leader of the adventure-seeking Falldivers faction. She recruits any visiting seekers to assist in retrieving some lost geographical survey data.
Sargent Julius Brassler Sargent Julius Brassler
The leader of the Rookie Harbor Guard. Although he appreciates that police work isn't really the kind of thrilling adventure most Seekers expect, he is grateful for any who offer to assist him.
Mr Mr. Nomsworth
A member of the Coastal Trading Coalition who deals primarily with delivering food ingredients. His customers seem to view him as less than reliable, though... Perhaps he needs some assistance.
Chief Woodkeeper Manzana Sarbolev Chief Woodkeeper Manzana Sarbolev
The leader of the Fruits of Autumn. He is eager to recruit Seekers into assisting in the protection of the Track of the Ancients.
Chief Miner Turis McEdinthil Chief Miner Turis McEdinthil
Head of the Bergen Digging Mates. Turis is very busy managing the mines around Bergen Village, and appreciates any help that Seekers can offer in dealing with the aggressive wildlife that's been hindering their operations.
Sargent Silvia Stirling Sargent Silvia Stirling
The leader of the Bergen Guard. She doesn't believe that merely being a Seeker qualifies someone to do police work... but maybe you'll be able to prove her wrong?
Mrs Mrs. Summers
The chairperson of Bergen Trade and Metalwork. A truly professional businesswoman who requests the assistance of visiting Seekers in accomplishing some of the tasks required for her faction.
Wise Nemuh Wise Nemuh
The leader of the Ascension Spirits. This wise monk surely has some excellent advice to give to aspiring Seekers. Of course, they'll need to prove themselves worthy first...

Other Important NPCs[ | ]

Henry the Researcher Henry the Researcher
A very shy researcher who is gathering information on the areas of Shadoon. He seems to be hiding something...
Ms Ms. Selena Teak
A budding entrepreneur in Rookie Harbor who aspires to create the perfect steak. Of course, she'll need someone to help her gather the necessary ingredients...
Talatu Lips Talatu Lips
A passionate botanist who desires to collect information on all the Botanics of Shadoon. Unfortunately, only Seekers seem to be able to collect the item drops from Botanics, so she'll need one to help her.
The Boosi Man The Boosi Man
A rather odd businessman who needs some help to bring the next big attraction to Basin Keep.