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New Game Plus is a game mode introduced in version 1.2.0. It is unlocked after beating CrossCode once.

Using the trophy points earned from in-game achievements, the player can restart the game with special gameplay modifications.

The player can also carry over data from an end-game save file, such as Lea's level, equipment, credits, and/or inventory. Key items, contacts, quest progress, and statistics cannot be transferred.

List of Modifiers by Category[]

Carry Over from a Save File[]

Each option costs 500 trophy points. Any save that has reached Meta - Space at the end of the main game, and therefore has a star next to it, can be used for this.

  • Level
  • Consumables
  • Add-Ons
  • Equipment
  • Trade
  • Credits
  • Elements
  • Arena
  • Botanics
  • Traders


Multiplies the credits earned from all sources or disables the earnings entirely.

  • Credits x2 - 500 TP
  • Credits x4 - 1000 TP
  • Disable Credits - 100 TP


Multiplies the experience points earned from all sources or disables the earnings entirely.

  • EXP x2 - 500 TP
  • EXP x4 - 1000 TP
  • Disable EXP - 100 TP

Drop Rates[]

Multiplies the item drop rates from enemies and botanics.

  • Drop Rate x2 - 1000 TP
  • Drop Rate x4 - 2000 TP

Combat Modifier[]

  • Prepare to Hi! - 100 TP - Makes Lea die to any single hit.
  • Sergey Hax - 5000 TP - Lea always inflicts astronomically-high damage. (Specifically, a 4096x (212) multiplier to all damage dealt)
  • Dash Master - 2500 TP - Lea starts with only one dash step (instead of three), but the invincibility during a dash is three times longer. Dashes also have less ending lag.
  • Witch Time - 5000 TP - Briefing slows down time around Lea after performing a perfect dash.
  • Truly Balanced - 1000 TP - Disables Elemental Overload, allowing Lea to use elements indefinitely.
  • Devil Trigger - 2000 TP - Combat Arts cost 0 SP.
  • Mega Nutrients - 2000 TP - Doubles the duration of buffs/debuffs from all consumables.
  • Early Access - 1000 TP - Removes all shade blockades in the Circuit Tree immediately.

Item Cooldown[]

Extends, reduces, or disables the cooldown for consumables during combat.

  • Diet - 100 TP - Doubles the cooldown
  • Feast - 1000 TP - Halves the cooldown
  • Buffet - 2000 TP - Disables the cooldown

HP Regeneration[]

Nerfs or disables HP regeneration during combat.

  • Half Healing - 200 TP
  • Zero Healing - 100 TP

Enemy Modifiers[]

Each option costs 1000 trophy points.

  • Get on my Level - Enemy levels will match Lea's average level.
  • No Mercy - Enemies become more aggressive.
  • Hostile Habitat - Most enemies will attack on-sight.

Enemy Damage[]

Increases the damage taken from enemies. Each option costs 1000 trophy points.

  • Damage x 1.5
  • Damage x 2
  • Damage x 4

Combat Arts[]

  • First Belt - 500 TP - Lea can only perform level 1 Combat Arts.
  • Second Belt - 1000 TP - Lea can only perform level 1-2 Combat Arts.


  • Classic Heals - 500 TP - Lea must be at a landmark to regenerate HP outside of combat.
  • Classic Porter - 500 TP - Lea must be at a landmark to teleport to other landmarks.
  • Skip Beginning - 0 TP - Start the game at the Beginner's Arc above Rhombus Square.
  • Trophy Block - 0 TP - Disables trophy/achievement unlocks.
  • Slippery Slope - 0 TP - All surfaces have ice physics.


  • As of version 1.2.0-4, the highest theoretical cost to start a New Game Plus is 35,800 trophy points. It is however impossible to obtain such amount of points.
  • Other characters will often comment on the New Game + options that you're using, with Sergey Hax in particular offering lots of additional dialog.
  • There are a few ways to easily get to level 99 with New Game +. The most obvious way is with Get On My Level. Another way is to use Sergey Hax in Vermillion Dungeon when the Designer starts summoning enemies, as the enemies will be summoned endlessly with increasing levels.
  • Access to the Developer Room is only possible by carrying over elements, and then solving the impossible puzzle in Vermillion Dungeon.