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The Ninja Skin DLC is a cosmetic DLC for CrossCode.

Effect[ | ]

Purchasing the DLC gives you the KunoichiKunoichi item on all save files. Enabling this item in the Add-Ons menu will change Lea's sprite as well as her portrait in the Character Menu to resemble a ninja. The dialogue portraits are not affected, and neither is Lea's sprite during cutscenes; she will instead transition between the ninja appearance and her normal appearance using a smoke bomb effect.

History[ | ]

The ninja skin was originally a reward tier available in CrossCode's Indiegogo campaign. It was first included as part of update 1.0.1 on October 22, 2018. After a few months of exclusivity, the skin was made available to everyone as an inexpensive cosmetic DLC on December 13, 2018.

The skin was originally intended to include reskinning the Balls as shuriken, but this idea has been abandoned.

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