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The Ocubepus is an abstract enemy in CrossWorlds. They can be encountered in the So'najiz Temple.


This little cube shapes a mass of water into a body which roughly resembles an octopus. It enjoys long walks on the beach and spin-attacking its enemies and laughing about it. The only way to break its protective shell is using a magnet to disrupt the tension of the water surface. Science wins again!

-Monster Fibula report

Appearance[ | ]

The Ocubepus is a black cubical magnet with a mostly grinning face. It uses its magnetic powers to form a teal gelatinous body comprised of a bubble that contains the enemy itself and acts as a head, along with six tentacles around its base that make it slightly resemble an octopus.

Combat[ | ]

When engaged, the Ocubepus will receive reduced damage and slowly follow the player from a distance while using one of two attacks. With the first attack, the Ocubepus flattens its body and starts spinning, dealing damage in an area around itself while chasing the player. With its second attack, it glows green and also flattens and spins, however, after a few seconds, it rams the player at high speeds.

If the player activates a magnet that is in the Ocubepus's range, it will be pulled towards it and lose its gelatinous body, which leaves it extremely vulnerable with its only escape option being bouncing around. If it isn't defeated on time, it recovers its body.

Strategy[ | ]

Dodge their attacks while you examine the room and see how you can use the magnets to pull them out of their body. Using Combat Arts isn't even necesary since they are extremely fragile while broken.

Locations[ | ]

So'najiz Temple
  • Trial of Attraction (x2) / (x3 on first visit)
  • Trial of Conveyance (x2) / (x3 on first visit)
  • Trial of Persistence (x2) / (x3 on first visit)
  • Trial of Conduct (x2) / (x4 on first visit)
Grand Krys'kajo
  • Sticky Roots (x4, non-respawning)

Gallery[ | ]