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The Omni Gilders are a guild in CrossWorlds.

Omni Gilders

Omni Gilders is the name of a guild in CrossWorlds. As one of the largest guilds, it has multiple bases in various towns and villages. Their main goal is to become a large trading guild which helps low level players with fetch quests and uses the income to build more bases.

-Encyclopedia CrossWorlds entry

In-game Lore[ | ]

The Omni Gilders are primarily involved with collecting trade items, both from their members and from offering quests to other players. They are using this to expand their influence and open new bases. There are hints that the true plans of the guild may be more sinister, and involve overthrowing other guilds.

One base of the Omni Gilders can be found in Bergen Village. Although this is stated to just be a small branch, it is the only base that can be visited. A second, under-construction base can be seen in Rhombus Square.

Quests[ | ]

The Omni Gilders have an associated quest chain, consisting of three quests:

This quest chain is incomplete, and is unlikely to receive a conclusion.