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Fan-material-iconThis article contains fan material. Such material is NOT considered canon within the CrossCode universe.

Given the riveting plot of CrossCode and sci-fi MMO setting of CrossWorlds, various community members have been inspired to design original characters for the CrossCode universe. As new original characters rise to prominence from time to time, this list will expand. Characters here are listed first in order of class, then by alphabetical order on their actual names, which can be their in-game names in the absence of real-world names.

Character List[ | ]

Lucas Contrearas Lucas Contrearas Chaosio
A lunatic Spheromancer who apparently is a troublemaker. He has no social experience, and can act a little overexagerating. He's spent too much time in CrossWorlds and can tell and show you EVERYTHING about it.
Eric Felshaw Eric Felshaw Fr33kwind
An Instatainment bugtester and reluctant partner in Sam's crazy schemes. A little overly paranoid, and often gets distracted searching for bugs, but ultimately a kind and helpful fellow.
Minzy Prinneon Minzy Prinneon PunkChick5150
A lovely girl, with no arms. The daughter of a CrossWorlds developer and she is able to live out her fantasy of having arms in the game~!
Monica Teau Monica Teau Monika
A passive and kind Triblader, and Admin of CrossWorlds who meets with Sergey Asimov soon after the events of CrossCode.
Susie Susie
Very quiet and reticent player. An old member of the Arcane Lab guild.
/ e r r o r / Specter :D
[Name withheld] [Name withheld] JANUS
Griefer. Hacker. Collector of glitched items. Master of a thousand alt accounts. Perpetually one step ahead of a crowd of pissed-off moderators. Hated by absolutely everybody. And that's exactly the way he wants it.
Leon "Lawbringer" Legrand
This Quadroguard has a sense of justice as massive as his body, always aiming to do the right thing.
Ichiki Hayaite Ichiki Hayaite SparkStar
A charismatic but loud-mouthed player with a secret behind his Pentafist class choice. Plays CrossWorlds after the events of CrossCode, but has no relation to the plot.
孤児(Minashigo) 孤児(Minashigo) 虎(Tora)
"A man that was once human..." - Leon Legrand
Chiko Chiko Pachiko
An energetic Hexacast who is replaying CrossWorlds for fun and completions' sake. Started playing after the events of CrossCode and has no relation to the plot.
Langston Smug Langston Smug Kaz
A strong minded Hexacast with his signature mischievous expression. Plays CrossWorlds after the events of CrossCode, but knows nothing of its plot.
Mirabelle May Mirabelle May Miramirror
A gentle Hexacast who joins the First Scholars some time after the events of CrossCode. Looks up to the friend who introduced her to CrossWorlds in the past.
Samantha Blaese Samantha Blaese InSamnity
An annoyingly enthusiastic Hexacast with a bad habit of sticking her nose in anywhere it doesn't belong. Currently breaking the ToS in 17 utterly inconsequential ways. She knows people, but they don't like her.
Coquelicot Coquelicot
An autumn spirit only visible to those well-attuned to nature. Has been given a task from Di'orbis to "guide Seekers to the true nature of autumn".