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The Pada Moth is an organic enemy in CrossWorlds. It can be encountered in the Faj'ro Temple.

Pada Moth

Not only do these moths spew flames out of their eyes and live inside the Faj'ro Temple, they also are attracted to elemental poles when charged with heat! That's some serious dedication for fire right there. Consequently cold attacks work pretty well against them. Use this in combination with attracting them to poles charged with heat to stun them and get them on the ground!

-Monster Fibula report

Appearance[ | ]

The Pada Moth is a big, flying, orange Moth with four small, black legs and a set of wings with yellow, shiny circles on them. It has one giant eye on its head and its abdomen seems to be filled with eggs. They can sometimes be seen on the wall when not in combat as a st of dull, orange, wings. It's identitical to the Darth Moth, except for the colour.

Combat[ | ]

While in combat, the Pada Moth keeps flying one layer above Lea and won't descend. It will attempt to follow Lea at a reasonable distance and occasionally try to shoot small, slightly homing fireballs down. Sometimes it will charge up to release a bigger fireball that will explode when Lea gets too close or if it hits a wall. Whenever there's an elemental pole that's been hit by the Heat Element, the Pada Moth will sometimes linger around the pole, flashing red, becoming broken if hit by a charged VRP. If it hits lava when it falls down, it will immediately ascend and take no damage from the lava. The Pada Moth will also be broken if hit by a charged Cold VRP.

Strategies[ | ]

When fighting Pada Moths, there will always be elemental poles nearby so that you can hit the Pada Moths from the ground. The moths will be attracted to the elemental poles that have been hit by the Heat element. After they approach a heated pole, you can hit them with a charged elemental VRP to stun them. When you're still using the Heat Element for the elemental poles, make sure to switch to neutral once the moths have fallen so that the moths don't take reduced damage from their resistance. When they fall they can be taken down in a matter of seconds. Be careful to make them land on the ground instead of lava, since they will fly up if they hit that. Since their projectiles only start following you after they hit the ground, they can't attack you when they are flying directly above a pit. It's often better to just dodge their projectiles, though, since their projectiles can still fly over pits once they have hit the ground.

Locations[ | ]

Faj'ro Temple
Test of Fire: X3
Test of Distraction: X2
Test of Focus: X3 (non-respawning)
Test of Surprise: X4 (non-respawning)
Test of Endurance: X7 (non-respawning)
Chamber of Prosperity: X18 (non-respawning)

Gallery[ | ]