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The Pandza is a mechanical enemy in CrossWorlds. They can be found in Sapphire Ridge.


A metallized creature strongly resembling a Panda. The metal like skin is theorized to be a reaction to the immense Steel Bamboo the Pandza eats on a daily basis. Machinery inside the body is capable of creating small drones that it uses to fend off enemies.

-Monster Fibula report

Appearance[ | ]

The Pandza is a large robot resembling a panda, with a black and white bear-like head and four stubby black legs. Its main body is a white armored shell with red and green markings. The shell is split in two halves which can separate, revealing black and red mechanical innards and a large mortar launcher.

Combat[ | ]

The Pandza has two main attacks it can use. In the first, it shoots missiles upwards that fall on its opponent, exploding in a blast that deals Heat-elemental damage and inflicts Burn. It will shoot 2 missiles at a time when above 50% HP, or 3 at a time when below 50% HP.

The second attack consists of the Pandza shooting out small, stationary turrets. The turrets periodically shoot at nearby enemies, using pairs of Wave-elemental homing bullets that also inflict Mark. Hitting a turret will destroy it, and they also vanish naturally after shooting 6 times. The Pandza will summon 2 turrets at a time when above 50% HP, or 3 at a time when below 50% HP.

The Pandza is normally nearly invulnerable. However, both of its attacks require it to open its armor, revealing its weak sides. Attacking here builds up a break meter. On being broken, the Pandza will slowly navigate towards its enemy while flashing white and then explode, dealing massive Heat-elemental damage and inflicting Burn. After this, it will be immobile and highly weakened for a while.

Strategies[ | ]

Pandzas can be difficult enemies to deal with, as their extreme durability makes breaking them almost mandatory to defeat them. It may be best to prioritize destroying its turrets, as while the turret bullets are weak, they tend to be tricky to notice and avoid and can inflict Mark, boosting the damage of the much more dangerous missiles. Focus on defense or dodging until the Pandza can be safely broken, and then make sure to get clear of the resulting explosion. Once the Pandza is broken, damage it quickly, but be wary of using big combat arts, as the Pandza is still only weak in its sides, which requires precise positioning and can make wide-area arts less effective. Killing the Pandza quickly if possible is best, as they become more dangerous at low health.

Location(s)[ | ]

Sapphire Ridge

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