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The Pandza Mk. II is a mechanical boss in CrossWorlds. It can be found in Sapphire Ridge and defeating it rewards the player with a Golden Chest containing the LV01Broken ChakramsBroken Chakrams required to complete the quest A Promise Is a Promise 5.

Mechanical Boss
Pandza Mk. II

An upgraded version of the regular Pandza. It can surround itself with large boulders and command multiple War Webster to attack enemies while it shoots homing mines. When its defences are broken it will resort to an all out beam attack that is almost impossible to avoid.

-Monster Fibula report

Appearance[ | ]

Pandza Mk. II is a large robot resembling a panda, with a black and white bear-like head and four stubby black legs. Its main body is a deteriorated armored shell with red and green markings. The shell is split in two halves which can separate, revealing blue and pink mechanical innards and a large mortar launcher. Its eyes are red and it also has a big white laser cannon with an orange circle on its back and a blue line at the bottom that it can pull out instead of its mortar. The laser cannon seems to have been more taken care of than its shell.

Combat[ | ]

Just like with the normal Pandza, the player must attack its insides whenever it attacks to break it, however, instead of actually breaking, the boss protects itself with a rocky wall. Destroying the wall and hitting it once actually breaks it. The boss begins the fight alongside two War Websters.

Phase 1

  • Opens its shell and fires two Heat grenades into the air that redirect themselves towards the player and burst into flames upon reaching the ground.
  • When broken, jumps to one side of the arena and surrounds itself with Bomb Blocks. From there, it occasionally flashes red and fires two Heat grenades. It also spawns a War Webster, another one after some time, and finally an activated Kamikater that will continue to spawn until it destroys one of the Bomb Blocks. Hitting Pandza Mk. II again will break it, making it explode, destroying the rest of the Bomb Blocks and becoming stunned.

Phase 2

  • Flies to the top-left of the arena and pulls out its laser cannon at the same time three Wave Teleporters appear in a vertical line in the middle of the arena. It then proceeds to fire a huge Wave laser in a straight horizontal line while traveling downwards, stopping when it reaches the bottom. This can be dodged by teleporting through the laser with the Wave Teleporters. It uses this attack whenever a new phase starts.
  • Releases two temporary white and green drones that stay on the ground and fire three pairs of small, slightly homing Wave projectiles. These drones can be destroyed with any attack.
  • Fires three grenades instead of two both on his normal attack and his attack from inside its rocky barrier.

Phase 3

  • Moves faster while firing its laser and only stops after covering the entire arena twice.
  • Releases three drones instead of two.

Phase 4

  • Sweeps the entire arena with its laser three times while also moving even faster.
  • Fires four grenades instead of three exclusively when inside its rocky barrier.

Strategies[ | ]

  • This boss can be accessed as soon as you enter Sapphire Ridge, but it is not recommended to do so until you beat the Twilight Master and get better equipment from Rhombus Square or quests such as An unfortunate Series of Features. In case you are stubborn or you still don’t deal a lot of damage, there is a solution for you: bottomless pits.
  • Enemies, after falling, tend to reappear on the last place they set foot on. You can take advantage of this to push the War Websters off the edges constantly and defeat them without letting them attack once. You can also do this when the boss is broken for real: use Amber Dash -icon Amber Strike to throw it into the bottomless pit and deal massive damage.
  • Since breaking this boss for real takes really long, ensure you defeat every War Webster beforehand so you can focus solely on attacking the boss directly. Its not like there is any pressure to break it fast since it stays in its rock barrier section permanently after it is triggered.

Locations[ | ]

Sapphire Ridge
  • The Bellow

Gallery[ | ]

Trivia[ | ]

  • Pandza Mk. II was added to the game on version 1.0.3. Because of that, the A Promise Is a Promise questline couldn’t be completed until that version.