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Papaboss the Younger is an organic boss in CrossWorlds. It can be encountered in Basin Keep, as part of the quest In Cawhoofs.

Organic Boss
Papaboss the Younger

The young and hot-headed boss of the Papagang. He only just recently took over the leadership position as the old boss retired. Though he seems vain and undisciplined, he is in fact a master with his powerful weaponry. Precise machinegun fire, explosive fruitbombs and specially his tenacious seeking missiles have destroyed many a rival in the past.

-Monster Fibula report

Appearance[ | ]

Papaboss the Younger is the leader of the Papagang. He is a blue and grey parrot with a white beak wearing a white jacket, a white hat and a pair of sunglasses. The machinegun he is holding with his feet is grey with an orange horizontal line and end.

Combat[ | ]

Phase 1

  • Shoots a few bullets with his machinegun, less than the usual Papagun, and rests for a bit. In every phase, his bullets during this attack will be separated by a longer distance from each other than usual.
  • Flies around swiftly and fires two seeking rockets that start slow and then home into the player. These will detonate themselves after enough time passes, but they can also be destroyed with any attack.
  • Spews out a ball that fragments into four rockets after hitting the ground, or a melon that bounces once while chasing the player. He always follows up with another attack after this one.
  • Aims at the player with a red dotted line, then fires four rockets from his machinegun and continues by shooting a normal amount of spaced bullets. After this, he stays in place and hitting him before he recovers will break him.

Phase 2

  • Fires three rockets while flying around instead of two.
  • In his combined rocket-bullet attack, he fires six rockets and shoots bullets for longer and with tighter spacing between each other.
  • Instead of spewing out a rocket ball or a melon, he spews out one first and the other second.

Phase 3

  • Fires four rockets instead of three.
  • In his rocket-bullet attack, he fires eight rockets instead of six.
  • Spews out two melons and a rocket ball, in any order.

Strategies[ | ]

  • He tends to escape Combat Arts easily, so break him before attempting to attack him with one.
  • Burn! and Bullet Rain are quite effective against the rockets, especially if any of the two is used right as they appear clumped together when a rocket ball fragments or Papaboss the Younger fires many before shooting bullets.
  • In his second and third phase, if you are hit by his rocket-bullet combination, you are extremely unlikely to escape. Destroying the rockets or hiding behind a wall are safe options to prevent this.
  • Balls are useful when he is not attacking, since he will fly away if you get too close.

Location[ | ]

Basin Keep
  • Papagang HQ Roof

Gallery[ | ]