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The Papagangster Muscle is an organic enemy in CrossWorlds. They can be encountered in Basin Keep during the quest High Crating.

Papagangster Muscle

Slightly more civilized and refined variants of the regular Papaguns that are found in the wild, these winged criminals are the common wingsoldiers of a powerful criminal syndicate that plagues Basin Keep. They are usually responsible for organized robberies, guard duty and moving stolen goods.

-Monster Fibula report

Appearance[ | ]

The Papagangster Muscle is a brown parrot with white feathers on the upper part of its wings, its chest and its tail. It has a white beak and wears a black fedora, a pair of black sunglasses and uses its feet to wield a black machine gun with grey metal bands wrapped around it.

Combat[ | ]

It fights in the same manner as the Papagun. Its main attack is to cough up a large nut resembling a watermelon that follows the player, bouncing once. It is permanently airborne, and thus, it is normally impossible to reach, however, it will occasionally descend to ground level in order to use its machine gun, which fires a rapid stream of darts at the player. After firing, it stops moving and rests on the floor while flashing red. If it is hit enough times with Melee while it prepares to shoot, during the attack or while it rests, it will break and become stunned.

When encountered in the High Crating quest, these birds can be found holding human NPCs hostage. They will stay in place, on ground level, behind them and occasionally use any of their two attacks, without ever moving away from their hostages. The hostage will run away if it is hit, the player gets too close or if the player manages to hit the bird with a charged Ball. In any of the three cases, the Papagangster that lost its hostage will resume its normal attack pattern.

Strategies[ | ]

The easiest way to deal with them is waiting until they finish firing their machine gun, breaking them and using your most effective Heat attacks while they are broken. If you are fast enough, you can dash towards them while they are charging their machine gun and break them before they even get a chance to shoot. To dodge their melon-looking nut, dash away right before it hits the floor because the projectile has really good tracking.

To release the hostages, you can use the room’s geometry to bounce Balls off the walls or wait for the birds to charge their machine gun since they always get next to their hostages while doing so. The most difficult part comes when you have to fight lots of them at the same time: use the pillars in the room to take cover and focus on breaking every single one of them until you get a window of time where none of them are attacking. Taking this approach will allow you to take down one bird at a time without having to repeat the encounter a lot.

Locations[ | ]

Basin Keep
  • Clipson Tower Highest Floor (x7, only during the High Crating quest)
  • Clipson Tower Roof (Infinte, only during the High Crating quest)
  • Papagang HQ Club (DLC Exclusive) (x6, only during the In Cawhoofs quest)

Gallery[ | ]