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The Papagangster Nutbuster is an organic enemy in CrossWorlds. They can be encountered in Basin Keep during the quest In Cawhoofs.

Papagangster Nutbuster

Slightly more civilized and refined variants of the regular Papaguns that are found in the wild, these winged criminals are the elite wingsoldiers of a powerful criminal syndicate that plagues Basin Keep. These hardened veterans of the crew are often used to crack though cases, guard the central nest and handle difficult away missions outside of their core turf.

-Monster Fibula report

Appearance[ | ]

The Papagangster Nutbuster is identical to the Papagangster Muscle. It is a brown parrot with white feathers on the upper part of its wings, its chest and its tail. It has a white beak and wears a black fedora, a pair of black sunglasses and uses its feet to wield a black machine gun with grey metal bands wrapped around it.

Combat[ | ]

It fights in the same manner as the Papagun. Its main attack is to cough up a large nut resembling a watermelon that follows the player, bouncing once and releasing small flames when it disappears. It is permanently airborne, and thus, it is normally impossible to reach, however, it will occasionally descend to ground level in order to use its machine gun, which fires a rapid stream of darts at the player. After firing, it stops moving and rests on the floor while flashing red. If it is hit enough times with Melee while it prepares to shoot, during the attack or while it rests, it will break and become stunned.

Strategies[ | ]

The easiest way to deal with them is waiting until they finish firing their machine gun, breaking them and using your most effective Heat attacks while they are broken. If you are fast enough, you can dash towards them while they are charging their machine gun and break them before they even get a chance to shoot. To dodge their melon-looking nut, dash away right before it hits the floor because the projectile has really good tracking.

Locations[ | ]

Bergen Trail
  • Horncave 3 (x2, only during the Wrath of Goat quest)
  • Windy Climb (x2, only during the Wrath of Goat quest)
Basin Keep
  • Legitimate Nest Bar (x3, only during the In Cawhoofs quest)

Gallery[ | ]