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The Papagun is an organic enemy in CrossWorlds. They are mainly found in Gaia's Garden, but some are also found in the Zir'vitar Temple.


This slick looking parrot is the coolest bird in the jungle and not to be crossed. It uses other creatures to do favors for them in exchange for protection. What kind of protection? Well, next to spitting huge nuts at you from a distance it also carries a Gatling-Gun. A Gatling that will shoot sharp darts at you. Find cover or block them and close the gap to stun it!

-Monster Fibula report

Appearance[ | ]

The Papagun is a large parrot with primarily red feathers. It also has yellow feathers on its chest and under its wings, blue feathers on its tail and wingtips and in a tuft on its head, and gray feathers on its cheeks. It wears dark sunglasses and has a large, cream-colored beak. Its feet are holding or possibly fused with a large machine gun barrel made of black metal wrapped in bands of gray metal.

Combat[ | ]

Its main attack is to cough up a large nut resembling a watermelon that follows the player, bouncing once. It is permanently airborne, and thus, it is normally impossible to reach, however, it will occasionally descend to ground level in order to use its machine gun, which fires a rapid stream of darts at the player. After firing, it stops moving and rests on the floor while flashing red. If it is hit enough times with Melee while it prepares to shoot, during the attack or while it rests, it will break and become stunned.

Strategies[ | ]

Due to the difficulty of reaching them and the fact that their standard attack can't be shielded, dashing is an important part of fighting Papaguns. Pursuing one too closely when it isn't stunned will cause it to fly away, which can be particularly frustrating if Emilie is in the party and doesn't know how to fight them yet. Wait for one to use its machine gun attack, shield or dodge the attack and then close in and try to break it before it flies away.

Locations[ | ]

Gaia's Garden
  • Jungle Entrance (x1)
  • Crossroad (x2)
  • Overgrown Path (x1)
  • Drizzle Bosk (x2)
  • Wet Passage (x5)
  • River's Bed (x4)
  • Splitting Stumps (x1)
  • Clinging River (x2)
  • Old Timber (x2)
  • Tying Greens (x2)
  • Peridot Approach (x2)
  • Vr'da Vil North (x2)
  • Covert Path (x2)
  • Royal Grove (x3)
  • Calm Backyard (x2)
Zir'vitar Temple
  • Trial of Bullets (x3)
  • Endurance of Waves (x1, non-respawning)
Grand Krys'kajo
  • West Branch (x8, non-respawning)

Gallery[ | ]

Trivia[ | ]

  • The Papagun was first introduced in v0.8.0, along with Gaia's Garden.
  • Papagun is a combination of "papa" and "gun". The combined word is almost a mispronunciation of papağan, which means "parrot" in Turkish.