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Within CrossWorlds, players have the opportunity to form Parties of up to three people, allowing them to explore and fight together.

In CrossCode[ | ]

Several of Lea's friends become available as party members over the course of the story. In many cases, Lea's party is restricted by the plot, but at times, and particularly towards the end of the game, you are able to choose who she invites to join her party.

Party Mechanics[ | ]

EXP gain from Enemies is reduced while you have party members, by 10% for 1 party member or 25% for 2 party members. Damage dealt is also reduced with party members, by 20% for each member.

The level and equipment of party members will update automatically when the plot advances. While they are in your party, they gain experience and levels together with Lea, but their gear will only update when you visit a shop. This happens regardless of whether the shop sells equipment. Party members' equipment is determined by their level, with a cap based on the current plot progression so that they won't equip items that they should be unable to obtain yet.

Most dungeons and many quests are instanced. Even if you have an active party, your party members will be unable to join you there, and the reductions in EXP and damage will not occur. Some quests do, however, allow your party members to assist you.

Outside combat, party members will follow Lea around, teleporting to her if she gets too far away. In combat, they will attack enemies with Melee, Balls and Combat Arts, and Dash to avoid attacks. When their health gets low, they will attempt to back away from the enemies and use a Consumable. If they are defeated, they respawn after 30 seconds.

As party members defeat more of a certain enemy type, they will learn how to best deal with it: whether to use melee or ranged attacks, what elements to use, and how to break it. This learning applies to all similar enemies at the same time, so that party members who have fought many Rockin' Hillkats will know how to deal with Chillin' Hillkats as well.

Party Member Options[ | ]

The Quickmenu provides several options that control party member behavior:

Target[ | ]

Party You Decide icon You Decide: Party members can attack any enemies.

Party My Enemy icon My Enemy: Party members will attack the same enemies that Lea attacks.

Party Others icon Others: Party members will attack enemies that Lea is not attacking.

Behaviour[ | ]

Party Offensive icon Offensive: Party members will attack enemies.

Party Defensive icon Defensive: Party members will not attack enemies, and will focus on dodging attacks.

Party Do Nothing icon Do Nothing: Party members will stay away from combat. Enemies typically will not target them in this state.

Combat Arts[ | ]

Party Normal icon Normal: Party members will use combat arts infrequently, and will save them for broken enemies.

Party Use Often icon Use Often: Party members will use combat arts as soon as they can.

Party Do Nothing icon Never: Party members will not use combat arts.

List of Party Members[ | ]