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The Peng King Dakara is an organic boss in CrossWorlds. He can be found in Bergen Trail and defeating him rewards the player with a Chest containing the LV01Broken ShieldBroken Shield required to complete the quest A Promise Is a Promise 2.

Organic Boss
Peng King Dakara

A rare type of Pengpeng that set up a den deep in the mountains of Bergen Trail. When approached it immediately thinks that you want to steal its flow and jumps up to its "stage". It will summon Pengpengs and command them to do different attacks based on its temper. Anger it by defeating all Pengpengs to make it jump down.

-Monster Fibula report

Appearance[ | ]

Peng King Dakara is a large, flightless bird that resembles a penguin. His body is covered in black feathers, white ones over his belly and green patterns around his back and neck, contrary to the blue ones that Pengpengs have. He has beady, black eyes, along with an orange beak and orange feet. He also wears a burgundy hoodie, a backwards red cap and has a black microphone that he pulls out to beatbox.

Combat[ | ]

This boss stays on its stage, away from the player's reach. The arena he is fought in has an icy, slippery floor. He fights by summoning Pengpengs which he commands with songs that make them do different kinds of attacks. The player must defeat all of them to make him angry and jump off his safe place. If he stays to long off his stage or the player triggers his next phase, he jumps back and summons more Pengpengs. His minions attack normally if he isn't giving a command, and he never gives commands while off his stage.

Phase 1

  • Summons four Pengpengs. They always spawn from the upper corners of the arena and enter by sliding in, hitting the player if they are too close.
  • Sings and covers himself with a green aura. At least two Pengepengs also get covered by it and slide towards the player faster than normal while also dealing Wave damage.
  • Sings and covers himself with a blue aura. It affects at least two Pengpengs and makes them throw a single, more powerful snowball than usual.
  • Summons three Pengpengs when he gets off his stage.
  • While he is fighting directly, he can throw three snowballs in a row. They are stronger than the normal snowballs thrown by Pengpengs.

Phase 2

  • Summons eight Pengpengs when he gets on stage.
  • His green song has the same effect. The blue one, however, gets replaced by a red one that affects a maximum of ten Pengpengs and makes each of them throw up to three powerful snowballs in a row.
  • Summons six Pengpengs when he gets off stage.
  • When off stage, he can throw three powerful snowballs just like before, or cover himself in a green aura and slide for a really long time, bouncing off the walls until he stops.

Strategies[ | ]

  • Avoid the snowballs as much as possible because they can inflict Chill icon Chill very quickly.
  • Dash Combat Arts like Azure-strike-icon Azure Strike and Crimson-strike-icon Crimson Strike can be used to easily change directions on the icy floor and take out multiple Pengpengs at once.
  • Defeat all the Pengpengs before he gets back on stage because they will acumulate. Up to seven can be fought at the same time in phase 1 and fourteen in phase 2.

Locations[ | ]

Bergen Trail
  • Pengpeng's Den

Gallery[ | ]

Trivia[ | ]

  • He can use the Wave element, which is unlocked in the penultimate area of the game, despite being one of the earliest bosses in it.