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The Pengpeng is an organic enemy in CrossWorlds. They can be encountered in Bergen Trail.


A penguin on a mountain. How it made its way up here shall be forever unknown to mankind. It will throw snowballs at its enemies and slide at them. When pushed into the water they will jump out and attack with a fast divebomb, so watch out for your surroundings. The Peng King Dakara can use various forms of beatbox to animate it to attack in formation with other members of tis kind.

-Monster Fibula report


The Pengpeng is a large, upright-standing bird based on the penguin. It is colored mainly black, with a white stomach and blue patterns on its back. It has small, beady black eyes and an orange bill and feet.


During combat, a pengpeng will generally follow Lea around slowly, but it will speed up into a waddling run if she gets too far away. Pengpengs do not try to approach Lea to melee range, but neither do they flee from her. The pengpeng's standard ranged attack is a single snowball that it throws at Lea, which deals Cold damage on hitting. It can be seen making the snowball beforehand, and in this time the attack is vulnerable to being disrupted with Melee or charged Balls. Its stronger attack consists of sliding forward in an attempt to hit Lea. It runs in place briefly before executing this attack. Unlike most other enemies, it won't take damage from falling into water and will jump out if pushed in.


An individual pengpeng is easily defeated, as both of its attacks are simple to dodge or shield. The main challenge of them comes when fighting them in a group, where their resistance to damage can easily give them time to take down an unwary player. It is important to watch for and dodge their slide attack, as this attack has high damage and cannot be disrupted by conventional means. Note that it is possible to dodge this attack by standing right next to the pengpeng, which will cause it to jump over you at the start of the slide. This makes an aggressive melee offense one of the best ways of dealing with pengpeng. They are frequently found together with White Frobbits; in those cases, it is advisable to deal with the weaker, faster and more aggressive frobbits first. The opposite is true if Horny Goats are present: the difficulty of damaging the goat without proper timing means the pengpengs should be your first target.


Bergen Trail
Old Plateau x6
Off Road 3 x5
Spike Heights x3
Bergen Waterfalls x5



The Pengpeng was introduced along with Bergen Trail in Early Access v0.2.0, and has appeared in all subsequent versions of the game.