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Pentafists are a class in CrossWorlds. They are associated with pentagons, the color orange and the Shock Element. They represent the Virtue of Agility.


Pentafists follow the Virtue of Agility. Speed and quick attacks with their fist are the main tools of a Pentafist player. However their HP is the lowest of all classes which basically makes them glass cannons. Their favored element is Shock.

-Encyclopedia Crossworlds entry

Class Description[ | ]

Pentafists are a Melee class focusing primarily on speed. Their attacks are weaker and shorter-range than those of the other Melee classes, but they compensate for this with a very high attack speed and critical hit chance. They are a physically weak class, and are heavily reliant on dodging and Dashing, which are improved by small thrusters built into their class-specific armor. Their pentagon-shaped VRP are similarly weak but fast. In terms of stats, Pentafists have high Focus, but low Defense and HP. Their weapon of choice is "huge fists" - more specifically, illustrations imply that they are vambraces that project energy gauntlets during combat.

The Pentafist is a rather difficult class to master, but its flashy appearance makes it very popular among new players, leading experienced players to be very skeptical about the proficiency of newbie Pentafists.

All Pentafist characters carry feather-like metal pieces on their ear and use the color orange in their clothes.

Notable Pentafists[ | ]

Emilie-Sophie de Belmond Emilie-Sophie de Belmond Emilienator
A competitive Pentafist who befriends Lea during the tutorial and later joins her party.
Sergey Asimov Sergey Asimov
A programmer who is responsible for getting Lea started in CrossWorlds.
Benedict Sidwell Benedict Sidwell
A businessman and a player of CrossWorlds. He is later revealed to be the one behind Lea's, Shizuka's and Satoshi's problems.

Minor Pentafists[ | ]

Many other players of CrossWorlds can be encountered during the game. Many of the more notable ones, including quest-givers and recurring characters, can be found on the Minor Characters page.

Gallery[ | ]