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Perfectly Regular Objects are a set of five cube-shaped objects that can be found all over CrossWorlds. They are usually inaccessible and party members (or Sergey if none are present) will comment about how regular they are after approaching them for the first time. Seeker Sense can analyze these objects and confirm that they are, indeed, perfectly regular.

Out of the five objects, only the cactus and the bamboo can be accessed, the first one by completing An unfortunate Series of Features and the second one by jumping on top of the arcs found in The Cave Inn.

The Bonus Code Regular-Trees causes all the trees from Autumn's Rise and Autumn's Fall to turn into regular trees. The original regular tree stays the same, though.

There is also a hidden encounter when walking through Autumn's Rise there is a rare chance that all of the trees will become regular without the use of the bonus code. However if you leave the room with the regular trees and enter it again they will revert back as if your eyes were playing tricks on you. Example link

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