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Pincerstonk i6 GX02 is a previously PC-exclusive boss that can be encountered in Maroon Valley as part of the quest Best in the West.

Mechanical Boss
Pincerstonk i6 GX02

A Steam Stinger Star! Highly Advanced and full of power.

-Monster Fibula report

Appearance[ | ]

Pincerstonk i6 GX02 resembles an enormous cybernetic scorpion. It has purple and black mechanical implants across its head, claws, upper body and tail, as well as a giant alligator clip where the stinger should be.

Combat[ | ]

Pincerstonk is fought in a long arena with three electric towers on the back that electrify anything that gets too close. To effectively damage the boss, the player must hit its tail that can only be attacked after the boss is broken.

Phase 1

  • Gets close to the player and swings its pincer, which explodes shortly after.
  • Shoots its claw towards the player. If it hits, it grabs them, electrocutes them, and slams them into the floor.
  • If the player goes behind Pincerstonk, it shoots lightning bolts directly at them out of its back.

To break this boss, the player must attack its face. They can guide the boss’s claw into one of the electric towers and cause it to propel and electrocute the boss, which leaves it stunned and more vulnerable for a few seconds.

Phase 2

  • Only once, charges up a Heat laser with its tail, then fires it thrice.
  • Swings its pincer twice.
  • Shoots its claw twice, with only the second shot being able to reach the towers.

Phase 3

  • Only once, charges the laser, then fires it six times.
  • Shoots its claw thrice, with only the third shot being able to reach the towers.

Strategies[ | ]

  • Don’t get close to the borders while dodging the claw so you don’t fall off the arena.
  • Its pincer doesn’t do damage by itself; only the explosion does. It is easier to dodge by guiding the attack upwards and then dashing downwards.
  • The claw can grab you even if you are behind Pincerstonk, even so, going behind it will most likely get you electrocuted.
  • The lasers are easier to dodge vertically from the middle of the arena.

Locations[ | ]

Maroon Valley
  • Mortal Chamber

Gallery[ | ]

Trivia[ | ]

  • Its name is a parody of the names given to different graphic cards.