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Pinzo'jrahrrrn is an organic boss in CrossWorlds. It is the mid-boss of the Faj'ro Temple, where it can be found in the room Sand Terror. It must be defeated to obtain the Cold Element.

Organic Boss

The stuff of nightmares right there. This a heavily mutated form of an... antlion, maybe? It's hard to say what happened to this creature, the only thing known is that it is mad and wants to eat you. It can turn the floor into quicksand, use its many pincers to attack you or throw flaming rocks at you if you somehow managed to reveal its weak belly. Hopefully there is only one of these and not another one in different colors or something lazy like that.

-Monster Fibula report

Appearance[ | ]

Pinzo'jrahrrrn resembles a spider, but with 3 pairs of claws. It's face is basically a maw with a pair of big claws and the abdomen is covered with bright orange blisters.

Combat[ | ]

The arena is filled with quicksand with 8 platforms on top placed in circle with Pinzo'jrahrrrn in the middle. The boss is accompanied with couple of Trijelly which will respawn if killed. Pinzo'jrahrrrn is highly resistant to any damage unless staggered. There are 2 phases:

1st phase: boss has only 2 attacks:

  1. Rock volley, after small delay throw 2 rocks at player.
  2. Fiery rock volley, after small delay throw 2 rocks engulfed in flames in random direction which, soon after landing, will be launched again towards Lea. Casts twice when staggered.

When staggered, boss will emerge from sand, casting fiery rock volley two times with ~4 seconds time window. When stagger is over, Pinzo'jrahrrrn will burrow in sand and cause 4 explosions between platforms.

2nd phase: same as 1st, but

  1. New attack: Claw sweep, boss burrows in sand and starts chasing player, trying to damage with claws. Casts 6 times.
  2. Fiery rock volley - now 3 rocks

Strategies[ | ]

The main difficulties here is to tracking actions of three enemies at once and trying to stay on the platforms since quicksand hinders movement. The strategy is straightforward - wait for bubbles spawned by Trijelly and hit them with fire balls so that steam hits the boss. On 1st phase 2 hits is enough, on 2nd - 4. Once boss is staggered, the quicksand is being replaces with sand, so charge and hit boss with non-elemental attacks, but watch for fire volley.

  1. Rock volley can be negated by consequent dashing from one platform side to another.
  2. Fiery rock volley is easily dodgeable since floor is basic sand at this time.
  3. Claw sweep - run in circle around arena.

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