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The Powerplant is an abstract enemy in CrossCode. They can be found in Zir'vitar Temple and Grand Krys'kajo.


Once bullied in tree school for being a flower this plant swore to get revenge on the trees by training every day to become the strongest plant the jungle has ever seen. But time went on and it got a job at the local temple to test Seekers instead.
Nowadays it uses its strength to hurl itself onto Seekers or punches them with its bulky fists.

-Monster Fibula report


Powerplant looks like a normal pink flower when passive, and will reveal an angry expression when approached. Its main body is a mass of electric energy and its roots allow it to stand up. When it attacks, it will reveal 2 big, brawny electric arms.


Powerplant can punch the floor to launch itself into the air and attempt to squash the player, or rather use its fists to hit them directly. Both attacks use the Shock element and hit in an area around them. Balls do little damage to Powerplant.


Keeping your distance will allow you to dodge most of its attacks, but since balls aren't as effective against this enemy, melee attacks are necessary to take them out. Just dodge out of the way whenever its arms appear and you should be safe.


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