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The Practice Bot is an enemy in CrossWorlds. They can be found in the Training Arena in Rookie Harbor and Rhombus Square.

Appearance[ | ]

The Practice Bot looks exactly the same as the Rhombus Enforcer 2.0. Its a blue and white robot composed of a cylindrical body, a cone-shaped head with its tip slightly swept-back, and a floating ring around itself that reveals many teeth when it attacks, acting like a chainsaw. The blue on its body turns red whenever it is preparing to attack.

Combat[ | ]

This enemy has multiple configurations that can be accessed from the panel at the top right of the training area:

  • Single Enemy Practice: Spawns one Practice Bot and closes off the entrance to the training area.
  • Multi Enemy Practice: Spawns five Practice Bots and closes off the entrance to the training area.
  • Set Enemy Attack: If this option says On, the enemies will be in passive mode. If it says Off, they will be in aggressive mode.
    • If passive mode is chosen, it doesn't attack and stays in place unless it is pushed too far from the center of the arena, where it will slowly move back to it. In aggresive mode, however, it chases the player and, after getting close enough, dashes into the player, advancing a really small distance.
  • Change Attacking Element: Opens a menu where you can choose the element that the Practice Bots will use on their attacks. This also changes the status condition they afflict.
  • End Practice: Destroys all active Practice Bots and re-opens the training area's entrance.

It begins to heal whenever the player is not attacking it, but it can still be defeated by not giving it a chance to regenerate. It is also unbreakable.

Strategies[ | ]

Practice Bots, as their name implies, exist solely so you can train and test your abilites. Dying to them is still possible, but you can prevent that by putting them on passive mode again.

Locations[ | ]

Rookie Harbor
  • Training Arena (x1 or x5, depending on the configuration chosen)
Rhombus Square
  • Training Arena (x1 or x5, depending on the configuration chosen)

Gallery[ | ]