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This page contains details on the interactive and puzzle features found in CrossCode.


Switches cause effects to happen when hit. They may activate other puzzle elements or laser bridges, open doors, or cause chests to spawn.

Name Description
Switch The basic switch. Must be hit with a Ball or Melee attack to activate. Has two identical-looking variations, timed switches which deactivate shortly after being hit and group switches which turn yellow when hit and must all be hit in a short period of time to activate them.
Multihit switch.png
Multi-hit Switch This switch must be hit several times in quick succession to activate. Charged Balls are not fast enough, so it can't be activated from around a corner.
Two position switch.png
Toggle Switch This switch has two settings, and toggles back and forth between them with each hit.
Button Activated by stepping on it. Some activate permanently, while others must be held down, either by Lea or by a Block.
Bounce switch.png
Bounce Switch In order to activate a Bounce Switch, a single Ball must bounce off all associated Bounce Blocks and then hit the switch.

Ball Puzzle Elements[]

These puzzle elements are used to build puzzles in which a charged Ball must be bounced.

Name Description
Bounce block.png
Bounce Block Once hit, they reset a ball's bounce limit and glow. Once all of them have been hit by the same ball, a bounce switch can be triggered, but only by the same ball.
Corner block.png
Corner Block An angled block that can be summoned and removed. Used to direct Charged Balls around corners.
Ball redirector.png
Directional Ball Changer These devices change the direction of travel of any Balls that pass through them.
Ball decelerator.png
Slowing Ball Changer These devices greatly reduce the speed of any Balls that pass through them.
Ball neutralizer.png
Cancelling Ball Changer These devices cancel any effects on Balls that pass through them.
Ball element swapper.png
Elemental Ball Changer These devices change any Ball that passes through them to their corresponding element.
Elemental pole.png
Elemental Pole An elemental Ball shot into an Elemental Pole will come out of the other orb, allowing Balls to be redirected to another level. The pole will be infused with that element for a short period or until shot again. A Heat-infused Pole will attract Pada Moths.
Elemental knob.png
Elemental Knob A Pole Switch activates when all associated Elemental Poles and Elemental Knobs are hit with a single Ball of the corresponding element. The Switch deactivates when one of the Poles or Knobs is activated again or on a timer.
Pole switch.png
Pole Switch


Barriers (usually temporary) that restrict the player's movement or ranged attacks.

Name Description
Blue wall.png
Blue Wall A wall that blocks everything. It is possible to walk on top of these, but this feature hasn't been used for puzzles since the TechDemo
Orange wall.png
Orange Wall Similar to the Blue Wall, but Balls can pass through an Orange Wall, allowing switches on the other side of it to be activated.
Blue gate.png
Blue Gate A variation on the Blue Wall, typically used for surprise combat or over pits where the Wall's obvious base is not desired.
Orange gate.png
Orange Gate A Gate version of the Orange Wall, this will let Balls pass through it.
Access wall.png
Red Gate A gate that throws back anyone unauthorized who tries to pass through it. Typically used to prevent sequence breaking, but also blocks shortcuts, forcing players to reach the other side to unlock them.

Temporary Platforms[]

Platforms that can move or disappear. May have another puzzle element on top of them.

Name Description
Vert moving block.png
Vertical Moving Block A large block that is controlled by switches to move up and down.
Horiz moving block.png
Horizontal Moving Block A large block that is controlled by switches to move back and forth.
Moving platform.png
Moving Platform A platform that moves along a predefined path. May be stopped or started by switches.
Laser causeway.png
Laser Causeway A small laser bridge that can be summoned and removed by switches. Full laser bridges are also occasionally activated by switches, but the smaller Laser Causeways are much more frequently so.
Mine cart.png
Mine Cart When stepped on, a Mine Cart will move along the Cart Track until it reaches the end. If a Mine Cart is unlocked but at the far end of the Cart Track, a Ghost Cart will appear instead. Stepping on it will summon the Mine Cart.
Ghost cart.png
Ghost Cart
Cart track.png
Cart Track
Track switcher.png
Track Switcher Switches between two Cart Tracks, changing the path the Mine Cart will follow when activated.

Terrain Types[]

These cover the floor in an area of the room, and have special effects.

Name Description
Floor ice.png
Ice A slippery surface; causes the player to have difficulty stopping and maneuvering.
Quicksand The player slowly sinks into it, taking damage if they disappear completely.
Lava Acts similar to water or a bottomless pit, damaging and respawning anyone who falls into it. However, dropping a Frozen Bubble in the Lava will create a short-lived platform that can be used to cross it.

Key Panels[]

These puzzle elements are used with dungeon keys.

Name Description
Key panel.png
Key Panel Standing on a Key Panel while holding a dungeon key will let you shoot key-shaped Balls. Hitting a Key Door or the metal pillar of a Key Wall with these Balls will destroy it, consuming the dungeon key.
Key door.png
Key Door
Key wall.png
Key Wall
Boss key panel.png
Boss Key Panel The golden version of the Key Panel and Key Door work with the dungeon master key and give access to the boss.
Boss key door.png
Boss Key Door

Objects and Object Spawners[]

These puzzle objects can be found on object spawners, or created by enemies.

Name Description
Bomb spawner.png
Bomb Spawner Bombs can be found on Bomb Spawners, and are also created by Kamikatzes and the X01 Driller H.F.S. When first hit (or immediately for the ones spawned by Kamikatzes), the Bomb is activated, and bounces forward a short distance. If hit again, or after a short delay, it explodes, damaging any nearby players or enemies. If hit by a Heat attack before or after activation, the Bomb will streak forward in a straight line, detonating when it hits an object.
Puzzle bomb.png
Bubble spawner.png
Bubble Spawner Bubbles can be found on Bubble Spawners, are created by Trijellys and the Master Magmoth. Bubbles can be knocked around by hitting them with normal attacks. Heat attacks will cause them to explode in a cloud of steam, which damages players and enemies caught in it and activates fans. Bubbles spawned by enemies will home in on the player and explode automatically after a few seconds delay. A Cold attack will turn the Bubble into a Frozen Bubble. Bubbles flash and then disappear after being onscreen for a moderate length of time.
Puzzle bubble.png
Frozen bubble.png
Frozen Bubble This variation on the bubble moves quickly in a straight line, ricocheting on walls when hit. It can be used to freeze Water Blocks, disable Flame Vents and activate Steam Furnaces, and will create a temporary platform if dropped into Lava.

Steam Elements[]

These elements are exclusively used in conjunction with the Bubbles described above.

Name Description
Propeller Switch This switch is activated by exploding a Bubble on it, generating a cloud of steam. It only stays active for a limited time.
Steam furnace.png
Steam Furnace Shooting a Frozen Bubble into a Steam Furnace will cause a puff of steam to travel through the attached Steam Pipe, activating a Steam Switch if it reaches one.
Steam pipe.png
Steam Pipe
Steam switch.png
Steam Switch Activated by the burst of steam from a Steam Pipe. Comes in group (hit all simultaneously to activate), permanent and timed (only active for a few seconds) versions.
Steam valve.png
Steam Valve Switches between two different Steam Pipes, changing the path that the steam travels.
Flame vent.png
Flame Vent Damages the player and knocks them back if they walk into it. Can be briefly disabled by shooting a Frozen Bubble into it.


Large objects that can be moved around the room. Some may have another puzzle element on top of them.

Name Description
Push block.png
Push Block A block that can be directly interacted with to push or pull it in a straight line.
Slide block.png
Slide Block A block that can be found on ice and, when hit with a Ball, will slide in a straight line until it hits an obstacle. It can be moved by bomb explosions too, but can't be manually pushed.
Sinking platform.png
Block Step A platform that moves down when a Push Block is placed on top of it, trapping the Block. Often the block is lowered halfway, allowing it to be used as a step.

Jump Panels[]

Panels that propel the player long distances.

Name Description
Jump panel.png
High Jump Panel Propels anyone standing on it to the top of the adjacent cliff.
Long jump panel.png
Long Jump Panel Propels anyone standing on it a long distance in the direction indicated.

Teleporters and Similar[]

Name Description
Teleport panel.png
Teleporter A panel that teleports you to its corresponding teleporter in another room when activated. Blue teleporters are inaccessible from this side.
Sky rail panel.png
Sky Rail Carries users to a location on another map.
Sinkhole Drops the player into the room below when stepped on. Found in quicksand.

Puzzle Destructibles[]

Name Description
Puzzle crate.png
Destructible Crate A simple destructible. May hide enemies.
Puzzle large crate.png
Large Crate A larger version of the standard Destructible Crate. May take multiple hits to destroy.
Reinforced Crate Can only be destroyed from the unprotected side.
Ice Boulder Can only be destroyed with Heat-elemental attacks. A variation found only in the deep Temple Mine can never be fully destroyed, and respawns shortly after destroying it.
Stone wall.png
Boulder Can only be destroyed by a Bomb. May hide enemies.
Secret door.png
Secret Door A Stone Wall that hides a door.
Water block.png
Water Block Knocks the player back if they hit it, and damages them if they fall into it. Heat attacks will destroy it, while Cold attacks and Frozen Bubbles will freeze it, making it reflect (non-Heat) Balls and allowing the player to stand on it. In both cases, it returns to normal after a short period.

Miscellaneous Features[]

Name Description
Enemy counter.png
Enemy Counter A panel in the floor that activates when the displayed number of enemies are defeated. Some of them cause new enemies to spawn on reaching predefined thresholds, allowing for gauntlet-type challenges.
Connector line.png
Connector Line Links a switch to the object it affects. The dotted versions, used in dungeons, light up when the switch is active.
Parkour checkpoint.png
Parkour Checkpoint Used in a parkour challenge. Passing through a checkpoint causes the next to appear. Passing through them all completes the challenge.
Immortal Turret An unkillable version of the Rhombus Turret Deals next to no damage, but its knockback is dangerous while platforming.

Removed Puzzle Elements[]

These puzzle elements are not found in the current version of the game.

Name Description
Enemy switch.png
Enemy Switch Only seen in the TechDemo. This switch must be hit by an enemy projectile to activate. Immortal Turrets and Repeater Turrets are known to work with it.
Repeater turret.png
Repeater Turret Only seen in the TechDemo. These indestructible robots fire a ranged attack at the player whenever they are hit.