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PvP vs Lily is a PVP Arena cup in the A New Home DLC.

Description: Fight Lily personally in PvP!
Creator: Lily
Level: 70
Difficulty: Arena-Difficulty-5
Rounds: 1
Unlock method: Complete the Lost and On the Run quest.

As a DLC Cup, all Ascended equipment you wear will be scaled to the level of the cup. As a PVP cup, the penalty for damage taken is reduced, and standard PVP rules apply; most notably, you must defeat your opponent 5 times before you are defeated 5 times in order to win the round. Since this cup only includes one round, there is no Rush Mode.

Name Objective Enemies Score Bonus Objectives
01: Fight me! Defeat me in a duel on top of the arena!
  1. Lily

Silver-medal-sprite 28000

Gold-medal-sprite 40000

Platinum-medal-sprite 60000

  • Time Bonus: 4:00 Minutes (5000 Points)
  • Take less than 200 Hits (5000 Points)

Trivia[ | ]

  • Lily is the only enemy exclusive to the Arena. She cannot be fought anywhere else.
  • In version 1.3.0, before the release of the DLC, this cup was accidentally made available in the base game, although it was quickly patched out.