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The Radical Hedgehag is an organic enemy in CrossWorlds. They can be encountered in Autumn's Fall.

Radical Hedgehag

This sub-species of the common Hedgehag can only be found in Autumn's Fall. Their needles are pitch black and the red patch on their back is meant to scare off potential predators since it looks like blood.
Despite all this, these creature are passive and only attack when attacked. They will use the same attacks Hedgehag and Old Hedgehag use but will mix up the the dash attack by attacking twice in a row.

-Monster Fibula report

Appearance[ | ]

The Radical Hedgehag is a small, four-legged creature with dark grey skin and a back covered in black spines with red spines forming a stripe.

Combat[ | ]

It can attack by doing a spin-dash twice, which can be countered, or by bouncing on top of the player. In the end, they are just stronger Old Hedgehags.

Strategies[ | ]

The same strategies available against Old Hedgehags apply to this enemy. Since they don't require any special tactics to be defeated, it might be a good idea to dispatch of them first, but they don't need to be prioritized if there are stronger enemies around, for example, Fallflies.

Locations[ | ]

Autumn's Fall
  • Village Remains (x3)
  • Pillar Isle (x8)
  • Ancient Center (x8)
  • Ruined Path (x2)
  • Southern Exit (x5)
  • Secluded Path (x7)
  • Great Lake (x11)
  • Lake Cave 1 (x2)
  • Lake Cave 3 (x7)
Only during the Points of Power quest:
  • Village Remains (x11)
Only during the Chase of the Hologram Frobbit quest:
  • Great Lake (x5)
During both the original Para Island Raid and the Raid Rematch in A New Home:
  • Para Island 2 (x4)
  • Para Island 3 (x7)
Rhombus Square
Only during the DLC-exclusive quest Lost and On the Run:
  • South Arch (x3)

Gallery[ | ]