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The Raid Boss is an unclassified boss in CrossWorlds. It is composed of three separate enemies called Face, Laser and Core, but only the Core is relevant as an enemy. It is the final boss of the Para Island Raid, which can only be completed in the A New Home DLC.

Appearance[ | ]

The Raid Boss is a massive structure from where the Big Pillars come that levitates in the middle of the sea. Its head is composed of three rectangles that get progressively smaller from top to bottom. The largest one has two eyes that turn red when the boss receives damage and two prolongations on the sides. Opposite to each other there are two cubes with open tops that serve as arenas for both Raid teams (Hlin, Lukas and Buggy on the left one, and Lea, Emilie and Luke on the right one). They have two laser cannons mounted on top of their walls, six square hatches around the center of the floor, and five rectangular hatches close to the upper wall. The entire structure is supported by a huge yellow energy core that stays between both arenas and the head.

A laser cannon has a rectangular base that is attached to the arena, a spherical yellow bulb from which a powerful light beam is fired, a metallic cover with small extensions around the bulb's back half, three metal pipes that extend from the back of the metallic cover and a square-shaped part that covers the pipes almost entirely and has two yellow lines on its top face.

From the central hatches come out Cores, prolonged metal pillars similar to Big Pillars. They are black rectangles with a deformed upper half, a square base and an exposed yellow section that makes it vulnerable. The upper hatches contain dispensers, small black pillars with an opening on their base to allow the entrance of Sliders and Big Sliders.

Combat[ | ]

To defeat this boss, all Cores must be destroyed. To do this, one of the teams must defeat the Big Sliders spawned in-between Sliders by the dispensers to send them flying at the other team, who must push the defeated Big Slider into the dispenser that is in the same position as the one that spawned it on the other arena to deactivate it. After fulfilling the task, the teams switch roles and do it once again. Completing this sequence hides all the dispensers and forces a specific number of Cores to come out, all of which are vulnerable to attacks. Destroying all the spawned Cores damages the boss and triggers its next phase.

Phase 1

  • The player's team must fight the Big Sliders first.
  • Two dispensers are active. As mentioned earlier, they can spawn Sliders and Big Sliders. When the roles switch and the player has to receive the defeated Big Sliders, the dispensers will only spawn Sliders.
  • The team that sends the Big Sliders tells the receiving one where they should push them. In the player's case, they have to push the first one at the right dispenser and the second one at the left one.
  • One Core rises at the end of the sequence. The Raid Boss will defend it by creating different patterns with symbols that represent elements and unleash attacks on their positions depending on them, just like the Big Pillars but stronger.

Phase 2

  • The leftmost laser cannon activates. It aims at the player or their teammates with a red crosshair and sweeps the arena from left to right with a blue Flare Burn!-icon Flare Burn! laser shortly after. It has better vertical maneuverability than horizontal.
  • The player's team must receive the Big Sliders first.
  • Three dispensers become active. The Big Sliders have to be pushed into the middle dispenser first, the right one second and the left one third.
  • When sending the Big Sliders to the other team, Emilie will tell the other team to push it into the wrong dispenser, thus extending the fight.
  • Two Cores rise and the Raid Boss attacks faster.

Phase 3

  • The second laser cannon is activated.
  • The player must fight the Big Sliders first.
  • Four dispensers become active. The player must deactivate the middle-left dispenser first, the right one second, the left one third and the middle-right one fourth. In case there are two Big Sliders sitting around, remember that their dispenser is assigned based on their element.
  • Three Cores rise and the Raid Boss attacks even faster.

Strategies[ | ]

  • For survival, use the element that brings you the most durability since all the enemies present don't have any elemental weaknesses.
  • The light beams fired by laser cannons don't turn around too fast, so you can dodge them by staying on the top or bottom of the arena, wait for them to fire and quickly Dash towards the opposite side.
  • You will always have Luke and Emilie on your team during the fight. If you prefer fighting the Raid Boss by yourself, you can use the Party Member Options in the Quickmenu to make them stop attacking and being targeted by enemies.

Location[ | ]

Autumn's Fall
During the Raid Rematch from A New Home:
  • In the sky

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References[ | ]

  1. Actually dropped by "Face".