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Raphael Luiz Vega, nickname Buggy, is a member of the First Scholars. He is of the Triblader class.


Buggy is a pun-loving player and one of the earliest members of the First Scholars guild. His cheerful nature stems mostly from bad puns and jokes and he almost always laughs about his own jests the most.

-Encyclopedia People entry

Appearance[ | ]

Buggy has spiky white hair, a tuft of it covering one of his gray-blue eyes. His skin is of a light-brown color. He wears a dark suit with green sleeves and legs and other green highlights, such as the triangles on his chest. He also sports a metallic headband with triangular pieces on each side of his head that cover his ears.

Personality[ | ]

Buggy is a cheerful, fun-loving character who likes to joke around, often on the detriment of the people around him. This is apparent when he teases Emilie of her fear of bugs, or when he jokingly points out that Lukas is "bringing in the girls like usual" when he introduces Lea and Emilie to the First Scholars. He always laughs at his own jests out loud. As his name suggests, Buggy loves bugs.

Relationships[ | ]

Buggy seems to be friends with the members of the First Scholars. He has a little brother.

Role in CrossCode[ | ]

Buggy is first introduced when Lukas brings Lea and Emilie to the First Scholars HQ. He meets them on the ground floor, informing Lukas that Linda is awaiting on the second floor. He refers to Lea and Emilie as "newbies". During the quiz that all new members of the First Scholars must go through, Linda is struggling to think of a final multiple-choice answer and Buggy suggests Cream Puffs. He is met many more times during scenes involving the First Scholars, but he doesn't play a particularly large role, except during the raid in which he is the Column Tackler.

Gallery[ | ]

Trivia[ | ]

  • After using DL to talk to Buggy after Grand Krys'Kajo, he'll give you 3 Golden Bars to make up the for the joke that he made in poor taste.