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This page provides details on content that was available in older versions of the game, but can no longer be accessed.

Gameplay Modes[ | ]

In early versions of the game (v0.1.0-v0.2.2), three different gameplay modes were available in CrossCode, and intended to showcase different aspects of the finished game. Story mode, which the game advised players to play first, was an introduction to the plot of the game and consisted of the story until Lea leaves the M.S. Solar. Puzzle mode was an example of the game's puzzle dungeons, and was eventually expanded into the Rhombus Dungeon. Exploration mode was an introduction to the game's free-roaming exploration, and consisted of an early version of Autumn's Rise, with parts of Rookie Harbor and Bergen Trail added later. The modes were removed in v0.3.0, with the included areas being joined into a single sequential story.

Removed Puzzle Rooms[ | ]

A few puzzle rooms were removed from CrossCode.

Enemy Switch Room

This room was only found in the TechDemo and TechDemo++. It was based around the Enemy Switch puzzle element. Essentially, the player must guide enemies into shooting the Enemy Switches to activate them. The room used mainly invincible turrets that were most likely prototypes of the Trial Guardians, first with Enemy Switches you could hide behind, then with Enemy Switches in front of a wall that you had to stand in front of and dash away from, and then with Enemy Switches on top of a crate where there wasn't much room to dash away from projectiles. The final set of switches featured a Reflector Turret, which would shoot directly at the player when it was hit; the player was expected to hide behind the switches and bounce a Ball to hit the turret.

Puzzle Challenge

A challenging puzzle room found after the credits in the TechDemo++. It began with hitting a long row of switches to open a barrier. The player then needed to hit two switches on top of crates at a long distance to activate two Corner Blocks, allowing them to shoot a Reflector Turret and hit an Enemy Switch, opening another barrier. The player must hit three more switches to open a third barrier, letting them into an arena where they fight five Rhombus Enforcer 1.0s. The player then enters a large area where they must kill five Beta Mouse Bots, two of which are hiding in some of the many destructible crates scattered around this area. This raises a Blue Wall that the player can walk along the top of, leading them to a high path made of crates. Here, the player must twice bounce Balls off a wall to hit a switch on the other side of a barrier and lower the barrier, and then activate two Multi-hit Switches to lower the final wall. This leads to an arena where six Rhombus Enforcer 2.0s must be fought (in waves of 1, 2 and 3) to open the door leading onward.


Note that the two rooms listed above are the only places where Enemy Switches and Reflector Turrets have been used in the game.

Puzzle Mode Pushblock Room

A room in the Puzzle Mode that featured Push Blocks. The player must move a Push Block onto a Block Step to form a step to reach the next area. Here, a second Push Block needed to be moved up a staircase of Moving Blocks that moved up and down whenever a Toggle Switch was flipped, allowing the Push Block to be pushed onto the next one. This brought the Push Block to another Block Step, allowing the player to reach a switch and open the exit. A change in the CrossCode engine broke Push Block physics shortly before the gameplay modes were removed, so this room was not carried forward into the Rhombus Dungeon. The bug was later fixed, and Push Blocks can be found in other dungeons in the current game.


Final Challenge[ | ]

The Final Challenge was an enemy rush challenge. Originally found at the end of the TechDemo, it was moved to the end of Puzzle Mode and remade in a fitting style. It was removed with the gameplay modes. It included the removed enemy Uber Beta Mouse Bot, an attacking version of the Beta Mouse Bot.

Autumn's Rise Temporary Content[ | ]

A large amount of temporary content was found in Autumn's Rise in early versions of the game.

Carla's Shop

Carla Salvatore could be found at several locations in Autumn's Rise when the area was first added. When the player first started Exploration Mode, she would give them Rookie equipment and introduce them to several experienced players who could give Lea gameplay information. Talking to Carla again would cause her to offer a gameplay stats display, a shop selling Bronze equipment and basic consumables, and the chance to reset your circuits for 1000 credits. Carla's purposes here were gradually removed: the Status and Map menus replaced her stats display, Rookie equipment was moved to the Rhombus Dungeon, and an update to the shop menu broke her shop and caused it to be removed. Carla was subsequently moved to the Rookie Harbor Info Hub, where continued to introduce the info players and reset circuits, before these features, too, were removed and Carla was completely removed from the area.

Fanboy's Quest

Lea's Fanboy from the M.S. Solar was originally found near the start of the area. He would give Lea a quest to kill Hedgehags in exchange for low-level equipment. This was one of the only quests to predate the actual quest system. He was replaced by Humble Helper, a generic CrossWorlds NPC who still offers the same quest, now known as First Steps.

Blue Cargo Crab

The Blue Avatar could be found somewhere in Autumn's Rise, and would challenge Lea to collect all the chests in the area. This was originally quite buggy, since the amount of chests he required didn't update automatically, and he often wanted more chests than existed after an update. He was later changed to only require most of the chests in order to avoid this problem. Once Lea had collected the chests, he would teleport her to a boss arena (originally called Hidden Leaf, renamed to The Lobster after that name was taken for the guild village) where Lea would have a timed fight against the Blue Cargo Crab, an upgraded version of the Huge Hostile Crab. He would reward Lea with a Key PieceKey Piece for doing this. The challenge was repeatable, and awarded huge amounts of credits.

Jet's Observatory

Captain Jet could be found outside the Autumn's Rise Observatory, where he would give Lea a quest to find two Key PieceKey Pieces. One was a reward for the Blue Cargo Crab challenge mentioned above, while the other was in a hidden chest. With both pieces, Jet would unlock the Observatory. More details on this 99-enemy challenge can be found on its own page, but it included four removed enemies (the Alpha Shredder and the Freezing Shredder, weaker versions of the prologue enemies, and the Uber Beta Mouse Bot and Ultra Mouse, upgraded mouse robots), and had as a reward the LV01Winner's PrideWinner's Pride. When Jet was removed for not fitting with the story, the Key Pieces were replaced with a non-functional -Observatory Key-Observatory Key, which was soon removed as well, leaving the Observatory inaccessible. An entirely different version of the Observatory would eventually return in The Observatory quest.

Teleport NPC

A hexacast who offered to teleport you around CrossWorlds. Served as a quick travel system until the Landmarks system was added.

Seasonal Events[ | ]

While most CrossCode events were left in the game in some form, a few were removed completely.

2015 Easter Event

On Easter in 2015, an un-numbered version was available for a few days, featuring an Easter "Bunny" who sends Lea to collect eggs hidden around Autumn's Rise, with the reward being entry into a prize drawing.

2016 April Fools Event

On April Fools Day in 2016, version 0.5.2 was released, which added cartoonish sound effects to the game and featured several characters wearing masks.

Other Removed Content[ | ]

At one point, Rookie Harbor contained a large number of generic enemy hunting and item collecting quests. These were ultimately removed, as they gave a bad first impression of the game. More details can be found at Removed Content/Quests.

When Ba'kii Kum was first introduced, a debug room could be accessed in one of the houses, although this was quickly removed in a bugfix patch.

The Training with the Master quest originally included four subquests. The last two were unfinished and could not be completed, and were eventually removed.

Several items were removed from the game. In addition to the ones mentioned above: