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The Rhombus Heavy Turret 1.0 is an enemy in CrossWorlds. It can be encountered during Jet's training on the MS Solar.

Rhombus Heavy Turret 1.0

This larger turret was used by Carla and Captain Jet to showcase some advanced gameplay mechanics of CrossWorlds. You couldn't quite finish the final fight against it as a certain someone interrupted...

-Monster Fibula report

Appearance[ | ]

The Rhombus Heavy Turret 1.0 is a large, ground-mounted gun turret. Its main body consists of a gray and blue cylinder, topped with a gray dome. The dome is painted with a blue cross and topped with a recessed blue capstone. Mounted on the front of the cylinder is a large gun barrel, surrounded by gold trim. The entire body rotates on top of a gray and blue anchoring base. The turret is physically identical to the Rhombus Heavy Turret 2.0, a stronger variation used as a boss of the Rhombus Dungeon.

Combat[ | ]

The Rhombus Heavy Turret 1.0 starts being completely invincible. Captain Jet commands it to teach the player how to Dash and Guard. First, the Turret fires one fast projectile that the player is supposed to dodge by Dashing. Second, the Turret fires a swarm of homing projectiles that, overall, deal as much damage as the single projectile from before. The player must block the entire swarm with their Shield. And third, the Turret becomes vulnerable and the actual battle starts. It uses both attacks and, after losing enough health, it brings out a shield that reduces all incoming damage. This shield will stay enabled while it is attacking and disable when it is not. Landing a charged Ball on the shieldless Turret will cause it to "overheat", become stunned and take more damage from attacks for a brief moment.

The battle against the Turret can't be completed on a normal playthrough because it is interrupted by the arrival of the Blue Avatar.

Strategies[ | ]

To distinguish both of its attacks, look at how long it takes to charge its shot. If it charges quickly, it will fire one projectile. If it takes longer, on the other hand, it will fire a swarm of projectiles. Its slow attack pace also allows you to attack with Melee without taking much damage.

Locations[ | ]

M.S. Solar
  • Deck

Gallery[ | ]

Development Notes[ | ]

The Rhombus Heavy Turret 1.0 first appeared in the Demo v0.1.0, and can be found in all subsequent releases of the game.

Trivia[ | ]

  • The New Game Plus modifier Sergey Hax allows you to actually defeat the Turret. It won't, however, explode like the other enemies in the game, and will simply stay in place.