Rhombus Heavy Turret 1.0

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The Rhombus Heavy Turret 1.0 is an enemy in CrossWorlds. It can be encountered during Jet's training on the MS Solar.

Rhombus Heavy Turret 1.0

This larger turret was used by Carla and Captain Jet to showcase some advanced gameplay mechanics of CrossWorlds. You couldn't quite finish the final fight against it as a certain someone interrupted...

-Monster Fibula report

Appearance[edit | edit source]

The Rhombus Heavy Turret 1.0 is a large, ground-mounted gun turret. Its main body consists of a gray and blue cylinder, topped with a gray dome. The dome is painted with a blue cross and topped with a recessed blue capstone. Mounted on the front of the cylinder is a large gun barrel, surrounded by gold trim. The entire body rotates on top of a gray and blue anchoring base. The turret is physically identical to the Rhombus Heavy Turret 2.0, a stronger variation used as a boss of the Rhombus Dungeon.

Combat[edit | edit source]

When it is first introduced, the Rhombus Heavy Turret 1.0 is used by Jet as a brief test of Lea's combat abilities. After this, a proper battle begins. The turret has two main attacks. The first is firing a single fast missile, while the other fires a swarm of slower homing missiles. The turret typically alternates between the two attacks, which look identical while being charged. After its health is dropped below a certain threshold, the turret initializes a shield, which it will then periodically activate for the remainder of the fight. An active shield greatly reduces the damage the turret takes, but if it is damaged in between having an active shield, the turret overheats and takes increased damage for a period of time.

The battle against the turret is not completed, as it is interrupted by the arrival of the Blue Avatar.

Strategies[edit | edit source]

As the pre-battle tests show, the fast attack and swarm attack are meant to be countered with a Dash and a Shield respectively. However, due to the inability to differentiate between the attacks during charging, there might not be enough time to identify and counter a fast attack. There are a few ways to avoid this. Dashing first with every attack and then shielding for swarm attacks is highly effective but it may be somewhat difficult to get the shield in the correct direction in time. Alternately, shielding will greatly reduce (but not completely nullify) the fast attack's damage, and can be used on all attacks. Although the turret does typically alternate between the attacks, overheating can disrupt this pattern, meaning it can't be relied upon. It may be difficult to cause overheating while countering attacks; due to the short length of the battle, the increased damage is often worth taking some hits.

Locations[edit | edit source]

M.S. Solar
Deck: Summoned by Jet to provide Lea with combat training

Development Notes[edit | edit source]

The Rhombus Heavy Turret 1.0 first appeared in the Demo v0.1.0, and can be found in all subsequent releases of the game.