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The Rhombus Turret 1.0 is a mechanical enemy in CrossWorlds. It can be encountered in the Rhombus Dungeon.

Rhombus Turret 1.0

This stationary enemy can either shoot a single projectile at you or a triple shoot that spreads. Either way they are pretty easy to deal with. You can either dash in and quickly give them a good pummeling or dodge the projectiles and throw balls at them.

-Monster Fibula report

Appearance[ | ]

The Rhombus Turret 1.0 is a small, fixed-position rotating turret. Its main body is a purple cylinder, topped with a red and white hatch with angry eyes. It stands on two small purple legs and a short gun barrel protrudes from its body.

It looks identical to the Illegal Rhombus Turret.

Combat[ | ]

The Rhombus Turret 1.0 Can use two attacks: one consists of a single bouncing shot fired directly at the player, while the other consists in the turret charging while flashing red, followed by a triple-shot. Charged Balls interrupt both attacks, but in the charged attack's case, the hit will cause the turret to break and get stunned for a brief moment.

Strategies[ | ]

Although Melee attacks will quickly destroy a Rhombus Turret, most are found in locations where it is difficult to reach them. It is undeniably beneficial to disrupt the turret's strong attacks, but if any are missed, the wide-angle shots can make Dashing less than effective, so Shielding or stepping to the side are preferred approaches.

Locations[ | ]

Rhombus Dungeon
  • Middle Room (x3, non-respawning)
  • Upper Path 3 (x7, non-respawning)
  • Lower Path 3 (x7, non-respawning)

Gallery[ | ]

Development Notes[ | ]

The Rhombus Turret 1.0 is closely related to the Puzzle Turret found in the TechDemo, although that turret served as a puzzle element, therefore it was invulnerable and its attacks only caused knockback, with no damage. The Rhombus Turret was absent from the original version of the Demo, but was added in v0.1.3 as part of the Rhombus Dungeon expansion. It has appeared in all subsequent versions of the game except the Shortened Demo.