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The Salteric is an abstract enemy in CrossWorlds. They can be found in Azure Archipelago during the quest Salty Detox.


A salty blob of water, gelatin and, of course, salt. Unsurprisingly it is at home in the ocean and rarely visits the land unless disturbed. Was discovered a few years ago by the explorer Ivan Leifler. After experiencing its salty taste he named it in honor of his colleague and alleged friend, Dr. Eric Koll.

-Monster Fibula report

Appearance[ | ]

A Salteric is a light blue blob with a darker inside and big grains of salt floating in its body, which is quite flexible.

Combat[ | ]

It can extend itself up and slam the ground, causing a Wave shockwave, or run and jump towards the player. A group of Salterics can coordinate and do this last attack in an organized manner. Getting it to half health and attacking it with Wave will cause it to break and become stunned allowing Linde, the NPC the player is accompanied by in Salty Detox, to capture it. When it is prone to breaking, a blue [TIRED] prompt will appear on top of it. A red !!! prompt will appear if it is active and is about to attack Linde. Attacking it is enough to prevent harm.

Strategies[ | ]

Aside from having better elemental resistances, Salterics are just stronger Gellerics. They don't even have the combo attack that Jellerics have. The cramped space they are fought in is the only threat, making maneuverability important.

Locations[ | ]

Azure Archipelago
Only during the Salty Detox quest.
  • Isle of Legend

Gallery[ | ]