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Fan-material-iconThis article contains fan material. Such material is NOT considered canon within the CrossCode universe.

Samantha Blaese is a fan-created original character made by Pyrocorvid.

Real Life[ | ]

Sam is a college student studying the history of human space travel. She is a total slacker who coasts through her courses with low grades and minimal effort. She is a virtual social butterfly, spreading her life across a wide range of VR social media sites and games while utterly neglecting the real world and rarely leaving her dorm house. In the rare times she spends in reality, she is an obsessive tinkerer, and has managed to repair a defective second-hand CrossGear, which she would otherwise be utterly unable to afford.

In CrossWorlds[ | ]


Sam's primary CrossWorlds account is a Hexacast named InSamnity. She heavily roleplays this account as overly cheerful and exceptionally nosy, and completely neglects the actual gameplay of CrossWorlds, instead spending her time people-watching. She has gotten exceptionally good at spotting anyone behaving unusually, and is quick to confront them about it, which has left her with a long list of acquaintances, including several Instatainment employees and minor hackers. However, her real-life social awkwardness and insistence on roleplaying as extremely extroverted make her come off as quite annoying, and most of her acquaintances would not consider her a friend, with the obvious exception of her perpetually-reluctant partner in crime, Fr33kwind.

Sam also has an alt account that she uses for actually playing the game, an androgynous Quadroguard named Dirge. In this account, she uses a quiet, sarcastic and perpetually creepy personality.