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The Sandamoth is an organic enemy in CrossWorlds. It can be encountered during Waves of Sand.


An ancient variant of the common Pada Moth that feels right at home within very dry rooms. It is extremely fond of sand, preferring the coarse and rough feeling to textures that might be more soft and smooth. It's extremely agile and will dodge all attacks thrown at it unless distracted by firing its powerful guided laserbeam. It might, however be somewhat easily confused by targets that quickly vanish from its line of sight.

-Monster Fibula report

Appearance[ | ]

The Sandamoth is a green giant moth with orange circles over its wings, a giant black eye and an abdomen that is around the same size as its head. It also has four black legs that seem to be attached to its head. Instead of clinging onto walls like the Pada Moth and the Darth Moth, this moth burrows under quicksand until it has to fight.

Combat[ | ]

It flies in the air and dodges any attack thrown at it. This moth can charge and fire a powerful Heat laser just like the Darth Moth, but for longer and with strong homing capabilities. While it is attacking, the player can use a Wave Teleporter to teleport out of its sight and distract it, leaving it open to being broken with a Cold or Wave Ball, however, you can also break it after it has finished its attack as it stays in place for a few seconds before resuming its behaviour.

Strategies[ | ]

Even though these moths are pretty powerful by themselves, your biggest enemy by far is the terrain. Almost the entire floor is quicksand, thus making Melee attacks quite inconsistent and dangerous. Try using ranged Wave and Cold Combat Arts when they become broken and focus mostly on teleporting around and distracting them since their laser will destroy you easily if don’t dodge fast enough. Be wary that Steam Ovens can block your shots and make you teleport somewhere unintended.

Locations[ | ]

Maroon Valley
Only during the Waves of Sand quest.
  • Barren Temple Core (x8)

Gallery[ | ]