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Sao is a humanoid enemy in CrossWorlds. He can be encountered and fought in multiple locations across the game, but only during the post-game if you have the A New Home DLC installed.



-Monster Fibula report

Appearance[ | ]

Sao wears mostly black clothes and looks like the popular conception of a ninja. He has a ninja mask, body armor and metal gloves. He also wields a sword and has a scar on his right or left eye depending on if you’re looking at his sprite or his character portrait.

Personality[ | ]

He’s self-centered and a hypocrite, so he never admits defeat. His personality shines more the more you encounter him. He is also self-aware and talks directly to the player, while also blaming the developers for apparently nerfing him in the past because he was “too powerful”.

Combat[ | ]

He can be fought multiple times during the post-game and gets stronger every time, but the core aspects of his fight stay the same. At the start, he summons one or various shadow clones of himself, all of which mimic his attacks, while he also takes reduced damage when summoning them. He dodges most attacks while the clones are present, so the player must destroy them to cause him to break. When he reaches half of his health (unless the player deals enough damage to defeat him fast enough) he will summon the same amount of shadow clones plus one, and the player needs to follow the same process.

  • In the first fight, he summons one shadow clone at the start and his only attack is running towards the player to hit them with his sword.
  • In the second fight, he can also shoot ninja stars at the player. He never does the same attack twice in a row.
  • In the third fight, he summons two shadow clones at the start.
  • For the fourth fight, while his clones still shoot ninja stars, he instead throws a Wave bomb which leaves a damaging aura that lingers until he repeats the attack.
  • In the final encounter, he summons three shadow clones at the start, reaching a total of four clones when he loses half his health.

After defeating him five times, he rewards the player with the LVL↑Shuriken ShooterShuriken Shooter.

Strategies[ | ]

His clones are his main weapon. They can overwhelm if you don’t take them down quickly so try to destroy at least one every time they finish an attack. The Wave bomb is the most dangerous weapon in Sao’s arsenal as they reduce your possibilities of dodging the clones, so make him throw it on the borders of whichever place you are fighting him.

Locations[ | ]

Sao always appears close to the big landmark of each main area (except Rhombus Square) and, after speaking to him, leaves a note telling you the location where to fight him next. You must defeat all the enemies there to make him appear and is encountered in these locations. You can decide the order in where you fight Sao:

(In Sapphire Ridge – The Cave Inn, then in Sapphire Ridge – North West Path.

Gallery[ | ]

Trivia[ | ]

  • His design looks the same as the ninja character model from RPG Maker 2000.
  • In one of his dialogues, he mentions Animator vs. Animation, a Youtube series made by Alan Becker about stickmen fighting inside a Windows OS.
  • In one of his dialogues, he mentions Tia and Maxim, in reference to Lufia 2.
  • His character portrait has a scar on his right eye while his sprite has it on his left eye. This is intended, as the RPG Maker ninja also shares this trait.